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Seattle vs. Philadelphia

The first game of the day was a rematch from the first game of the RMR, the Philadelphia 76ers taking on the Seattle Supersonics. The Sonics were trying to avenge an 88-74 loss to the Sixers on Thursday. The Sonics were also playing without 2006 first round pick Saer Sene, who missed his second straight game due to a sprained ankle, but Seattle did have 2004 first rounder Robert Swift active for todayís game.

The Sonics got off to a blistering hot start going 19-6 with about three minutes to go in the quarter. Seattle was lead by Desmond Farmer, who was still on fire from his game two nights ago where he scored 27 points; Farmer scored five points early for the Sonics.

Seattle defense frustrated the Sixers as well, forcing Philadelphia to commit eight turnovers in the quarter, two of them in the back court.

Steven Smith would finally get the undefeated Sixers going, and bring them to within eight points at 21-13. Fouls were a huge problem for the Sonics, as they allowed Philadelphia to get a lot of easy points, but unfortunately for Philly the free throw line wasnít to kind to them, as they shot only 68%.

After a sloppy finish to the first quarter, capped off by a Denham Brown two point buzzer beater, the Sonics lead the Sixers 25-15.

In an erie reminiscent to the first game played between the two teams, Where Seattle got up double digits in the first quarter before blowing the lead, the Sonics went ice cold in the latter part second quarter.

The Sixers cut the lead to seven on the first possession after Glen McGown did what he seems to do best, score and get fouled. The Sonics however were able to stifle the run, after going on a 6-0 run to go up 31-21.

Fouls once again caused problems for the Sonics, who committed 14 fouls in the quarter to allow the Sonics to close the gap to 36-31. Seattle went scoreless nearly three minutes before a pair of Aaron Miles free throws made the score 38-31. After an Andre Emmitt three ended a field goal drought of nearly five minutes, the Sixers scored six straight points to make the score 41-37 going into the half.

Steven Smiths tip in to begin the second half made it a two-point game, but after Robert Swifts three point play the Sonics went up five. The Sonics teetered between a three and five point lead for most the early part of the quarter, but Philadelphia turnovers lead to easy points for the Sonics who once again built a double digit lead.

After a scoreless drought to finish the quarter the Sixers trailed the Sonics 64-51.

In the fourth quarter Philadelphia began taking the ball to the hoop, thus they started scoring and making a comeback. Philadelphia also forced turnovers on five straight possessions of Seattles, two of which were in the back court and lead to Dunks for the Sixers.

The Sixers cut the Sonics lead to 72-66 with three minutes to play, than with a minute and a half Philadelphia had the lead down to just two at 74-72, but the Sixers missed three lay ups in a row, which lead to the Sonics building up some breathing room with seconds left to go.

When all looked lost for the Sixers, they somehow found enough magic to make a furious comeback with under a minute to go. Rodney Carneys three with eight seconds to go, brought the Sixers to within one. After two Aaron Miles free throws put the Sonics back up three, Louis Williams was fouled on a three-point attempt. Williams missed the first free throw, which sealed the fate of the Sixers. Steven Smith would throw up a last second desperation three from half court, but it missed and the Sonics handed the Sixers their first loss of the 2006 RMR.

Players to watch


Ivan McFarlin: heís really started to prove that he may belong in the NBA after all. Tonight he scored 11 points, and pulled down 13 boards.

Steven Smith: Like McFarlin heís proving he belongs, and like his teammate he also had a double-double tonight with 21 points and 10 boards.

Louis Williams: Finally he had less than five turnovers. Heís a skilled guard, but just doesnít use his head at times. He also is a shoot first ask questions later type of player; this type of attitude leaves one to wonder how heíll fit with Allen Iverson?

Glen McGown: Heís great at getting three point plays the old fashion way. Heís tough underneath the basket, and is a decent shooter. If he isnít in the NBA next season, heíll probably be one of the best players in the D-League.


Noel Felix: Bounced back from a few bad games to score13 points on 4-9 shooting, and grab six boards. He seems to be having a difficult time against the quicker threes and fours in the revue, but he does his best and can sometimes come out lucky enough to deflect the ball or cause his opponent to miss.

Robert Swift: Heís improved vastly from the past two years, his rebounding is better, his floor presents in better, and his basketball IQ is a lot better. But he needs to go stronger to the hoop, heís big enough now to cause problems for defenders if he went up strong.

Andre Emmitt: heís seemed to have gone out of favor with the Sonics coaching staff as his minutes have dropped in the last few games. But even with fewer minutesí Emmitts still was able to provide a spark for the Sonics.

San Antonio vs. Dallas

In the second game of the night, it was another day one rematch between the Western Conference champion Mavericks, and three time world champion Spurs. San Antonio beat Dallas in their first meeting 79-71, so Dallas was looking to even the score.

The Spurs started off slow in tonightís game, going down 12-4 early. The Spurs didnít score their first field goal until nearly the five minute mark. The Spurs defense also had no answer for Maurice Ager, who came and went as he pleased.

Melvin Sanders, and Jamar Smith brought the Spurs to within four with three minutes remaining, but Pops Mensah-Bonsu scored the next four points to lead the Mavs to a 23-18 first quarter lead.

After a Mensah-Bonsu scored on the first play of the second quarter, the Spurs went on an 8-1 run to tie the score at 26 after a Rich Melzer free throw. The Spurs continued their run and drug it out to a 12-1 run to take a 32-26 lead.

Maurice Ager once again proved to be a pain in the Spurs side in the second quarter, as he ended their run with a three pointer, than scored three more on an and-one play to bring the score to 34-32.

The Spurs took a 35-34 lead after an Andre Brown free throw, it would be the last time theyíd lead because immediately following it, Dallas guard Darius Washington ran down the court for a lay-in to give Dallas the lead.

D.J. Mbenga scored four points on hook shots, than Larry OíBannon added a three to give Dallas a 45-37 lead going into the locker room.

The Spurs cut the lead to 45-39 on the first play of the second half, but Maurice Ager continued to come up big, as he helped the Mavericks build a 52-41 lead early in the second half.

San Antonio had a lot of chances to really cut into the Dallas lead, but the Spurs missed a lot of free throws, and easy shots which helped keep Dallas atop during a three minute scoring drought in th third.

Rich Melzers three near the end of the quarter brought the Spurs to within two at 62-60 going into the fourth and final quarter.

The teams traded jumpers to begin the fourth, before Kevin Pittsnoggle nailed a huge three to put Dallas up 67-62. This was all part of an 8-2 Dallas run that helped the Mavericks take total control of the game.

The Spurs cut the lead to three on a number of occasions but never could quite get over that hump, and every time they looked as if they were, Maurice Ager would come up with a huge play. Dallas would hit their free throws down the stretch to win the game 90-81.

Players to watch


Darius Washington: heís a quick, and very tough point guard who can score around the basket. His passing skills need work as does his defense, but he could be a quality third string guard on a team.

Maurice Ager: was there any doubt Iíd put him on here? Ager tore apart the Spurs for 24 points on seven for 14 shootings, three boards, and three assists.

Jackson Vroman: his stats arenít very good, but he does a lot of little things. Heís a solid defender, and decent rebounded.


Tequan Dean: heís getting better at handling the ball, but he is steal turnover prone, and his assist to turnover ration is just ridiculous.

Andre Brown: heís a utility player that most teams could use. He doesnít do any one thing great, he just does a lot well.

Rich Melzer: he struggled tonight, but somehow found a way to score 10 points and grab seven boards.

Utah vs. Atlanta

The final game was another rematch of day one, as the hometown Utah Jazz tried to be the first team to beat the same opponent twice as they faced the Atlanta Hawks. The Jazz pounded the Hawks on Thursday 98-76. The Hawks would be without revue leading scorers Marvin Williams and Salim Stoudamire.

Both teams started out sluggish, and the Hawks got their first lead on the Jazz in the revue at 2-0 on a Shelden Williams lay up. Moments later Robert Whaley got the Jazz on the board with a lay up of his own.

The teams traded points for a few minutes before the Hawks reeled of seven straight points, lead by John Edwards with three of them to take a 9-4 lead. The Jazz came back behind recently acquired Rafael Araujo, who scored eight points in the quarter and brought the Jazz to a 13-13 tie.

Brian Chaseís three point would give the Jazz a 16-13 lead with a minute to go, and the score would stay that way going into the second.

The Jazz would come out in the second on fire, scoring on their first five possessions, including three buckets by rookie Ronnie Brewer to take 25-13 lead. Dating back to the late part of the first quarter, the Jazz went on a 13-0 run, before Cedric Bozemans jumper at the 5:30 mark

Utah would be unstoppable in the second quarter as they manhandled the Hawks, allowing Atlanta to only score 10 points as they took a 19-point lead into halftime. The Jazz were lead by Corey Violette who had nine at the half, and Paul Milsap who pulled down eight boards.

The Hawks got a little better in the second half as they started off with a 7-1 run to bring the score to 43-30. The Hawks were unable to get any closer than that, as the Jazz kept getting to the basket, and rebuild a 20-point lead on a Viollete jumper.

Atlanta who is one of the lowest scoring teams in the revue never could find its shot tonight as they missed easy shot after easy shot, Utahs physical presents with them didnít help either, as the Hawks couldnít make the best of their free throw opportunities either, shooting only 70%.

Utah coasted to a 20-point lead after a Paul Milsap jumper made the score 58-38 to end the third quarter.

The Jazz continued to pour it on the Hawks in the fourth, as they built a 28-point lead at one point. The highlight of the night came when Araujo ally-ooped the ball to Ronnie Brewer who caught it, and reversed dunked it.

By the end of the game the Hawks cut the 28 point lead to a semi respectable 21 point lead, as they scored the fewest points in this years revue; 56. Utah moved to 3-2 after the 77-56 win.

Players to watch


Shelden Williams: he had a nice game offensively, scoring 10 points and grabbing nine boards, but he really had a hard time defending Milsap and Violette.

Anthony Grundy: not the greatest player in the world, but can probably make the Hawks roster again since they are so weak at the point guard position.

Solomon Jones: the Hawks 2006 second rounder is like the human foul, he has gotten into foul trouble nearly every game this summer.


Rafael Araujo: he finally had a nice game for the Jazz. He has a nice running hook that if he could use it on a regular basis he could actually be quite good. Haffa is also really timid when it comes to scoring, heís had quite a few open jumpers during the revue but has always passed out.

Dee Brown: heís a very quick and very agile point guard. He needs to work on his shooting, but should be a solid third stringer for the Jazz this season.

Ronnie Brewer: Didnít have a great night, but was able to get to the hoop, and give the fans a show.

Paul Milsap: 11 points and 12 board tonight; heís playing style reminds me of Malik Rose, but with more offense.

Corey Violette: He looked good tonight, he usually does the intangibles for a team, but he can score as he demonstrated tonight. I still donít think he is ready to make the NBA yet, but could be called to a 10-day contract sometime.

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