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San Antonio vs. Philadelphia

The first game pits the undefeated 76ers against the often struggling Spurs. But it would be the Sixers who would struggle first as they turned the ball over on five of their first seven possessions. Melvin Sanders took advantage of the Philly turnovers and score four quick points to put the Spurs on top 4-0.

Philly continued to struggle in the first quarter as it took them three minutes to score, and they only scored on a Harold Jamison hook shot which made the score 6-2 Spurs.

Andre Brown had a huge game for the Spurs, scoring six points in the first quarter on an ally-oop, a lay-up, and dunking in a miss shot. Brown helped the Spurs build an early 14-4 lead.

Right when it looked like the Spurs were about to run away with the game, Louis Williams took over. Williams defense force Melvin Sanders to pass the ball rather than look for his shot, the other Spurs werenít able to do to anything with the ball once they got it.

After building their 14-4 lead, the Spurs went scoreless the remainder of the quarter, as the Sixers closed the gap to 14-10 after two Steven Smith jumpers. With time winding down, the Spurs committed two turnovers, one with one second left. That one second gave the Sixers enough time to throw an ally-oop to Ivan McFarlin who tipped it in as time expired to bring the Sixers to within two points at 14-12.

The Spurs broke their scoring drought with a lay up by Rich Melzer, and a jump shot by C.J. Watson to take a 18-12 lead.

Glen McGown would bring the Sixers to within three after he scored a bucket and was fouled. McGown would have five other similar players in this game, and would really create havoc for the Spurs. A few minutes after his initial three point play, McGown would do it again, this time heíd give the Sixers their first lead at 22-20, and the Sixers would never look back.

The Spurs would get within one before Philadelphia reeled off four straight points capped by an Edin Bavcic three pointer. The Spurs would once again cut the lead to two at 32-30, but would hit another end of quarter scoring slump.

Glen McGown would hit two more free throws, than get another and one three-point play to give the Sixers a 37-30 half time lead.

Ian Mahinmi scored his only two points of the game to start off the second half. Mahinmi struggles really doomed the Spurs. He was unable to stop Jamison, McFarlin or McGown in the paint.

Bavcicís long ranger jumper was answered by Taquan Dean, who hit a three pointer, to make the score 42-35, but that would be as close as the Spurs would get again.

Philadelphia would go on a 24-12 run to blow the game wide open, lead by Bavcic and Louis Williams who each had seven during the run. After the end of three quarters the score was 66-47 Sixers.

The Fourth quarter saw the Spurs use a lot of guys that they havenít used in the revue, guys such as Roman Levter, Adam Parada, Charles Lee, and Lamayn Wilson. Of the rarely used guys, only Lee and Wilson looked good. Lee would score four points in the quarter, and Wilson nine to bring the Spurs to within 16 at one point.

However, Louis Williams was too much for the Spurs as he got two straight dunks to ensure the Philadelphia victory; 87-61.

Players to watch

San Antonio

Andre Brown: heís looking more and more solid every game, the knock against him is his lack of defensive skill, and that he looks for his shot first.

Rich Melzer: didnít have a great game, but didnít have a bad one either. He tries hard, which is something a lot of his teammates donít.

Ian Mahinmi: he really needs to learn defense, if he canít he wonít last long in the NBA especially not with the Spurs. He also needs to work on his conditioning, heís been getting winded early in the game, which might account for some of his fouls.

Sergei Karaulov: had by far his best game ever in the revue, yet it was still mediocre by any standard. He has absolutely no jumping ability, as he was out-jumped by Louis Williams in a jump ball.

Adam Parada: itís safe to say that he wonít be playing for the Spurs this season. The Spurs coaching staff lead by Gregg Popavich ripped up one side and down another about Parada. Mainly they didnít like his standing around, his poor hands and his overall floor sense was just plain bad.


Ivan McFarlin: Heís a hardy player who does whatever he can to help his team. Heís a good rebounder and smart player.

Edin Bavcic: like Iíve said before, heís got a good shot and like a lot of players in this revue he has been getting better as the revue has gone one. Bavcic still needs work on his defense, but might actually make the NBA if he continues to improve.

Louis Williams: Heís quick, smart and aggressive, which is a deadly combination in the NBA. He needs to work on limiting his turnovers.

Glen McGown: Heís a hard banger who could land a job in the NBA, but most likely heíll be a guy who gets a 10-day contract here and there.

Seattle vs. Atlanta

I missed this game, but was able to talk to Saer Sene before the game. He said he would miss tonight game because of a sprained ankle he got during last nights game. Sene also said that heís enjoyed playing in the revue, and is looking forward to the regular season.

When I asked him what, he thought of Seattles team he said ďBig, very big, we be good next yearĒ He also went on to say that heís very excited to be playing in the revue, and for the Sonics.

Jazz vs. Mavericks

Both teams started off slow, Dallas got started by going inside to DJ Mbenga. Utah would commit a lot of fouls early in the game, causing them to lose C.J. Miles to foul trouble.

Utah would get started off by a jumper by Ronnie Brewer, to tie the score at 2. But two free throws by Dallas moments later would give the Mavs a 4-2 lead.

Paul Milsap caused problems for the Mavericks, blocking a shot, and scoring four points to give the Jazz an 8-6 lead. Dallas would come right back and Pavel Podkolzine got fouled after making a nice dunk, he hit the ensuring free throw to give the Mavs back the lead 9-6.

Jose Berea hit a three to give the Mavs a 12-8 lead. Dallas would go up 14-8 before a Ronnie Brewer dunk cut it to 14-10. Turnovers, and fouls really caused Utah problems, the Jazz werenít able to get a rhythm because of this. Dallas took advantage of this, by going right after Utah, and getting to the line often.

Dallas continued attack Utah and build a 17-10 lead on a Josh Powell jumper. The Jazz would cut the lead to 5, but Pops Mensah-Bonsu got a lay up and fouled, making the free throw to give Dallas a 20-12 lead.

Brian Chase would hit a three pointer to try to get the Jazz back into the game. Roger Powell Jrís two free throws brought the Jazz to within three, than minutes later Corey Violette hit a long range jumper to bring the Jazz to within one at 20-19.

Dallas would score three straight points with under a minute to go to give themselves a four point lead. Robert Whaleys jumper cut the lead to two after the end of one at 23-21.

Ronnie Brewer would tie the score on a fast break lay up, Brian Chase would give the Jazz the lead one the next play with a lay up. Dallas would tie the score on a Jackson Vroman lay up.

Turnovers would begin to slow both teams, as both teams turned the ball over nearly every possession for two minutes before C.J. Miles hit a three to put the Jazz up 3 at 28-25.

Two baskets by Maurice Ager would give Dallas back the lead, as Utah committed three straight turnovers. Brian Chase would get fouled and make one of two free throws to tie the score, but two minutes later Ager would drive for a lay up, get fouled by Miles, and make the free throw to give Dallas a 32-29 lead.

Turnovers would allow Utah to catch back up, as Dee Brown got a lay up and was fouled to die to score. Turn overs, and bad playing was the centerpiece of the second quarter.

Free throws would be the store of the next three minutes as neither team made a field goal until Berea hit a jumper with 35 second left to give Dallas a four point lead going into the half.

C.J. Miles got the Jazz off to a good start by scoring a turn around jumper to start off the second half. Mbenga got Dallas off to a good start by nailing a 8 foot jumper.

After the quick start by both teams, thing settled down into the same sloppy hard fouling play that was played in the first half. DJ Mbenga scored nine points during this stretch to give Dallas a 48-41 lead.

Utah began fouling Dallas in the pain, first they fouled Berea, who hit one of two free throw, but the one that was missed was rebounded by Podkolzine, who turned around hooked it in and was foul. Podkolzine made the free throw giving Dallas a 52-41 lead, This was all part of a 10-2 Dallas run.

After Ronnie Brewer made one of two free throw, Paul Milsap added a lay up which changed the momentum into the Jazz favor. Utah would cut the lead to six on a Brewer lay up, but Bonsuís dunk brought the lead back to eight.

Utah missed a lot of wide open jumpers, which lead to Dallas being able to run. Dallas however was unable to capitalize on Utahís missed shots, Dallas would turn the ball over three consecutive possessions to allow Utah to stick around.

Fouls really hampered the Jazz, as they committed six straight fouls. Dallas would score six straight points to give them a 58-47 lead with about two minutes to play. Brian Chase would cut the Dallas lead to 10 with a minute to go.

Utah had a chance to cut the lead to single digits, but Jazz offensive fouls continued to stop any chance Utah had of catching up. Utah also continued making fouls on the defensive end, but Pops Mensah-Bonsu could only make one out of three free throws, giving Dallas a 61-50 lead going into the third quarter.

The fourth quarter started with both teams ice cold, before a Larry OíBannon jumper with two minutes gone by gave Dallas a 13 point lead. Utah however continued to be cold, missing four shots on one possession and looking completely disorganized on offense.

OíBannon continued his hot shooting, by nailing a three pointer giving Dallas a 76-50 lead with 7 minutes to go. Utah would finally score one a Brewer lay in, Brewer would come right back and hit a three to cut the lead to 11.

Utah cut the lead to 10 with five minutes to go. after a Dallas three pointer, Ronnie Brewer had two consecutive three point plays to cut Dallasís lead to 7. Ronnie Brewer would hit a long 2 to bring Utah to 5, but more fouls continued to take away any momentum Utah built.

Ager would give Dallas an 8 point cushion, only to see it disappear after a C.J. Miles three with 3 minutes to go. After Utah stopped the Mavericks on a 24 second violation, the mavs goal tended a Utah jumper to cut the lead to 3.

Dallas turned the ball over twice in 20 seconds, one of which lead to a C.J. Miles lay up to cut the lead to one with a buck twenty-five remaining.

C.J. Miles gave the Jazz a one point lead at 74-73, with 19 second remaining. Jose Berea would come right back and give Dallas back the lead after making a lay up with 6 second remaining Ronnie Brewer would try for the win, but missed only to have Paul Milsap tip the shot in for the game winner. 76-75 Jazz. The Jazz ended the game on a 19-5 run.

Players to watch


DJ Mbenga: he looked good out there tonight, though he does need to work on not fouling so much.

Maurice Ager: Heís a slasher, but his jump shot needs work. His defense is also surprisingly poor; he was considered a good defender in college, but thus far has been horrible on defense in the revue.

Pops Mensah-Bonsu: He did a nice job on the glass tonight, he needs to work on his footwork and a few other mental thing.


Paul Milsap: He was a beast again. If he wasnít so small, heíd have definitely been a top pick in this years draft, but his small size scared teams away, and theyíll be paying for that mistake this season.

C.J. Miles: again his shot selection is poor at times, he is getting better at reading the defense but still is playing defense with his hands, which has gotten him into foul trouble.

Ronnie Brewer: heís definitely been the best of the rookies this year. His ability to get to the basket is just amazing.

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