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Pistons fan: by far the worst in the NBA

The Brawl with Indiana, the bomb threats, constant harassing of players, and now coin throwing. What has gotten into fans of the Detroit Pistons? In a city who has one of the worst murder rates in the country, for years the Palace was a fairly tranquil place to visit. Now it seems as if the rift-raft from the streets of Detroit has made its way into the Palace, and even onto the court.

Last November we were all witness to one of the worst events in American professional sports history, the Brawl with Indiana. It all started with a hard foul that should have warranted a flagrant, and that should have been it. Then Ben Wallace starts going after Ron Artest, and the fans get fired up. While the refs sort things out, Artest lies on the scorers table. While on the scorers table Artest it struck with a beer cup and goes crazy attacking the fan.

Had the incident ended here with a fight between Artest and the fan, not much more would be said about it. Artest would have gotten a fine and suspended, and the NBA never would have gotten the black eye it did from this event. But Pistons fans in their drunken stupidity, and arrogance from winning the championship had to escalate it. Fan who were initially not involved soon joined punching Artest, and his Indiana teammate Stephen Jackson. Then once security rushed over, the fans start attacking them, then it spills out onto the court with fans attacking players who initially were not involved. And to add icing on the cake, as the Pacers left the arena fans threw chairs at them, spit on them and threw beverages on them.

Now granted what Ron Artest did was dumb, and he should have conducted himself in a better manner. But the fans actions were even more appalling. You donít just throw beer on someone and expect them to sit quietly. and for fans just to join in like they did was just ridiculous.

In March the Pacers returned to the Palace only to have to wait for hours while police investigated repeated bomb threats. I know revenge must have seemed like a good idea, but do NBA fans really need to seek to levels as low as Al Qaida and other such terrorist groups? This not only delayed the game, or caused general fear among the populous, it also cost thousands of dollars for the Police to investigate, in a city with a police force that is lacking in funds who serve one of the highest crime areas in the country. It was pure nonsense!

Pistons fans also like to harass other players, which is fine if done in a competitive nature. But Pistons fans use threats, and verbal insults which have nothing to do with sports. Piston fans also like to harass fans of the opposing teams, even small children. In one such incident a fan even beat up and 16 year old girl because she was wearing a jersey of the opposing team.

Unfortunately in Detroit this isnít a new occurrence. Fans of the Lions, and Redwing have for years attacked opposing fans. Thrown snowballs onto the field, or gone after players in the penalty box. It has even happened with the Pistons before this, most notably in 2002, when after the fans in Toronto booed the US national anthem after a friendly fire incident killed some Canadians soldiers. Piston fans took it a step further, not only did they boo the Canadian anthem, but some fans even brought small Canadian flags and let them on fire. Those fans were quickly arrested, but it goes to show you this has been a festering problem for some years in Detroit.

The final incident happened just the other night, a fan began throwing coins at Sixers guard Allen Iverson. So itís apparent that this cycle of ignoramus actions by Pistons fans is going to continue for some time to come. And if it does continue like this, then the NBA needs to take immediate action, such as possibly moving Piston homes games to other cities for part of the season. Or simply not allowing fans into games in Detroit any more. I know these are drastic actions, but what is going to happen when a fan brings a gun into the arena and shoots the opposing team?

Written by
B. Christian Faurschou