How easy is it to spread a trade rumor? Extremely easy! many of you may have noticed the Michael Redd to the Los Angeles Lakers from basicallt filler. many of you bought it, I seen atleast 30 post on 15 differnt message boards talking about the trade. A radio station even talked about the trade on air, and gave our web address to thier listeners. this faux-pas trade gernerated over 10,000 hits to, the article itself got over 50,000. so how can this happen? a little one man operation website, with absolutly no real credentials, that specializes in NBA history, writes an article and many take it for fact, and the only facts in this article is that it is pure BS.

I did this not because I wanted hits, but because I wanted to show how quickly a little trade rumor can get out of hand on the internet. All I did was write the article, load it to my website, then posted it on two boards., and to those websites for giving you the false info) Then I sat back and waited. with-in an hour three other message boards had the rumor and link on them. three hours after writting the Article I had 6,000 visits to the page where the article is.

I left the article up for 24 hours before writting this piece because I wanted to see how far it would go. I've read other peoples post on message boards who have elaborated on my original trade idea. I've been to about three websites who have written articles mimicing my original article, some parts of the trade have changed from article to article, but the original premise is still the same. This is because people want to believe anything they see in print, and especially anything they see on a website with its own .com,.net,.org ect... Unfortinatly anyone can get a website, most sport fan sites are pretty reliable, because they use an established news agentcies as a source. but others write their own articles and trade rumors, and this is were some odd stuff happens. not with the articles because they tend to be either informational or opinionated, but with the trade rumors. like I have show its easy to make one up, and people take it for fact.

Again I appologize to fans, and to any fan who truly believed this was something. I also appologize to admins of any message board or website who ran this article, and to the Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks and the players I said were involved. all can rest easy, it was pure BS. I was full of it!

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