The Jazz started the game off by scoring on 20 of their first 25 possessions, the Knicks also started hot scoring on their first 10 possessions. The Jazz used an inside attack for the first part of the first quarter using Mehmet Okur’s size and strength advantage against Knicks Center Bruno Sundov. The Jazz also used their typical cuts and screens which benefitted Carlos Arroyo, Raja Bell and Andrei Kirilenko. The Jazz lead 39-22 at the end of one. The Knicks where able to keep up with the Jazz for the first few minutes of the second quarter, but then Matt Harpring and Keith McLeod both hit jumpers which pushed the Jazz lead to 20 at one point. The bright spot for the Knicks was forward Mike Sweetney who was able to mussel his way for easy points under the basket. The Jazz lead 71-49 at the half.

The Jazz started the third quarter off by hitting more outside jumpers, while maintaining an inside presents at the same time. Arroyo, and Bell where able to get good looks from about 15 feet, while Okur, Boozer, and Kirilenko got looks from under the basket, as well as from about 5 feet. The Knicks seem to struggle at times in the middle of the quarter as the Jazz extended their lead to 30 at one point in the 3rd. After three the Jazz lead 100-74. The 4th quarter was bad, not just for the Knicks, but the Jazz also had a turnover plagued quarter with poor shooting. The refs pretty much ignored any call except which was blatantly obvious, or effected play in any matter. Which had gone against their previous stance from the first three quarters of calling everything they saw, or thought they saw. The teams would score a combined 28 points in the quarter as the Jazz got the 113-89 win at home.

Players to watch:

Bruno Sundov-Why is this clown in the league? Is it because he is seven foot four? He just looked out of place even minute he was on the court.

Mike Sweetney- he very easily could become a Zach Randolph type gem for the Knicks, having sat on the bench most of last year, Sweetney could become a valuable member of the Knicks offense.

Jamison Brewer- a point guard who can’t shoot or pass is a rarity, and his free throw shooting makes Shaq’s look good.

Andrei Kirilenko-this guy does so much more then what’s on the stat sheet, he hussles every play, gets after lose balls and is a joy to watch. Maybe the Jazz should really think about offering him the max, because eventually he will be deserving of it.

Mehmet Okur- He really surprised me, he is slow but has the ability to play inside and outside both. And should probably be the starter on opening night.

Keith McLeod- Needs to work on turnovers, but other then that will be a solid backup for the Jazz this season.

Kris Humpries- Ball control. He has none. He dropped a number of passes all game long, however for a player with only one year of college his defense looks NBA ready.

Kirk Snyder- the Jazz should really give him a license to shoot sometimes, he’s a very good shooter, and is a player who will find ways to score.

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