To Commissioner David Stern

As a lifelong N.B.A. fan I am disheartened and dismayed by the continuing demise of this once proud organization. How does a group who once gave a lifetime ban to a player who had a drug addiction. Justify itself in giving only a year suspension to a player who assaulted a fan. I canít help but wonder if an employee at your office were assaulted by a co-worker would they both get a few days off. If that is what happens then I guess its okay to keep the same rules on the court ,if its not than perhaps you should contemplate whether the suspension was really severe enough.

I am tired of the concept that a man making eight million dollars a year canít feed his family when the average income in America is under fifty thousand dollars in that same time frame. I am tired of seeing players refuse to play because they donít get to start. And last but not least any attempt what so ever to justify the events of 11/19/04 in Detroit is absolutly ludicrous the excuses and disiplinary action that followed from the league and the players representation was deplorable. I am tired of hearing how these athletes feel like they get picked on by the fans whether the players like it or not they are no more than customer service people, They are there to make the fans (customers) happy. The thought that they are anything more than that is ridiculous.

In closing I would suggest stiffer suspensions for any physical contact not in the nature of the game, as well as Teaching the players some form of class and reality if you succeed maybe someday I can allow myself to be a fan again

Sincerely A former fan in search of new entertainment

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