Player Team Crime Location of Crime Court result/date
Armstrong, Darrell Orlando Magic Assult on a Police Officer Orlando, Florida N/A
Bryant,Kobe LA Lakers Sexual Assult Vail.Colorado Oct 9
Caffey,Jason Milwaukee Bucks Assult Tornto, Canada N/A
Cassell,Sam Minnesota Timberwolves Assult Toronto,Canada N/A
Christie,Steve Sacramento Kings Sexual Discrimination Sacramento Califonia Civil court case TBD
Clark, Keon Utah Jazz Domestic Violence Illionis September
Rodman, Dennis Retired Sexual Misconduct Las Vegas, Nevada Found not guilty
Payton, Gary LA Lakers Assult Toronto, Canada N/A
Stackhouse, Jerry Washington Wizards Assult Atlantic Beach, North Carolina Charges Dropped
Stoudamire,Damon Portland Trailblazers Possesion of Narcotics Tempe, Arizona N/A
Webber,Chris Sacramento Kings Bribery Michigan City, Michigan Plead Guilty
White,Jahidi Washington Wizards Rape Salt Lake City, Utah No Charges filed
Williams, Jayson Retired Murder New Jersey Trial Postponed
Walker,Samake Los Angeles Lakers Drunk Driving Los Angeles, Califonia N/A

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