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Muggy Bogues: Shortest Player in NBA History

It is not often that the shortest guy on a basketball court is the biggest on the court. But that is exactly what Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues was in his stellar NBA career.

The NBA has always been a game centered around tall human beings. Even in today's game where the game is played on the perimeter, the best players are tall. For example Kevin Durant is almost 7-feet tall and Lebron James is 6'9". It is rare for anyone under six feet tall to play in the NBA. Even the WNBA is littered with giants. The Average WNBA player is just under 6-feet tall, and the shortest WNBA player in the 2021 season was Leilani Mitchell at 5 foot 5 inches

Muggsy Bogues on the other hand was short, even by WNBA standards. He was just 5 foot 3 inches, making him the shortest NBA player ever and 2 inches shorter than the shortest WNBA player currently in the WNBA. Debbie Black and Shannon Babbitt are the two shortest WNBA player's in WNBA history at 5'2", or 1 inch shorter than Bogues.

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John A. Sbarbaro: The NBA owner with Mob connections

Despite it's best efforts, the NBA has had a long unpleasant history with the Mafia, and organized crime. This problem goes all the way back to its founding in 1946 when the league owned a corrupt funeral home director who was also a lawyer and judge own one of the leagues first franchises.

John A. Sbarbaro was a Chicago lawyer and Businessman who had a lot of shady dealings with organized crime. His funeral home was known as the funeral home of the mob because so many high profile Chicago gangster's had their funerals there.

In 1928 Sbarbaro's warehouse for his funeral home was bombed by either a rival gang from Detroit or possible the precursor to the FBI, because it was a known location for illegal alcohol to be dumped off there.

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The Salt Lake Series: The NBA and ABA's weird failed attempts to expand to Utah.

The late 1960s were an unprecedented time for growth in the NBA. The league entered the decade with just 8 teams and on the verge of collapse. By the decades end the league had ballooned to 14 teams and was on the cusp of adding 3 more. The decade was dominated by the greatest dynasty sports had ever known in the Boston Celtics, and the league was facing real competition from the ABA and was winning.

The competition from the ABA is what spurred the expansion of the NBA. When the ABA was founded in 1967, the NBA had just 10 teams, but when the ABA announced it was going to put teams in Seattle and San Diego, the NBA quickly added teams to those cities. This kicked off an expansion arms race which culminated in the race for one city that no one would expect. A city located in the western reaches of the Rocky Mountains and who until this point had been a sports afterthought - Salt Lake City, Utah.

Salt Lake City had always been a popular destination for basketball. The city was home to several minor league teams during the 1950s and 1960s, it had even held an exhibition game of the NBL's Denver Nuggets in 1948. The three major universities - Utah, BYU and Utah States - had turned out several prominent NBA players. But it was a small city, which had strict morality laws, and it was racist.

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The Top 10 NBA's Worst Regular-Season Losses per Franchise

In the NBA, a team losing by a large margin (even by 40 points or more) isn't uncommon, but it's few and far between. Most people would believe that a team that suffers such a humiliating defeat is among the league's weakest. That can mislead even the oddsmakers of online casinos in the UAE who have NBA on their offers. There have been moments, however, when a team has suffered its worst loss in franchise history and still made it to the playoffs.

In this article, we''l look at each NBA team's worst regular-season loss in franchise history, starting from the biggest to the lower losses overall among them.

Oklahoma City Thunder (-73), 2021

Without Ja Morant in the lineup, the Thunder were unable to keep up with Memphis in this game. They were behind 36 points at halftime, only to be outscored 39-17 in the fourth quarter, losing 152-79.

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Thurl Bailey and North Carolina State's magical run to the 1983 NCAA title

In 1983 North Carolina State made one of the greatest runs to a championship in the history of college basketball, a run that was capped off with one of the greatest plays in basketball history and a moment all basketball fans will recognize.

Before Lorenzo Charles epic put-back against Houston to win the 1983 NCAA tournament and Jim Valvano's epic run out to mid court in celebration; the wolfpack were just a mediocre team that not many had given much thought to winning the championship. But, it was a moment that Valvano and the Wolf pack had been preparing for, as forward Thurl Baily put it, "he brings a ladder to practice. He puts the ladder underneath the hoop, he takes out a pair of scissors, and he said: "Today, for the next two hours, all we're going to do is to practice cutting down the nets"

But for all Valvano's bravado, it did not appear that the Wolf Pack were going to do very much that march. The year prior as a 7th seed they had been bounced in the first round by 10th seeded Chattanooga and in 1981 they failed to qualify for the tournament. The Pack entered the 1983 tournament as a 6th seed.

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Utah Prospectors: Utah's second professional basketball team

The Utah Prospectors, or Pro's as they were sometimes called, were a Western Basketball Association team that lasted only one season and played their home games in the Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City. Sometimes the team is referred to by it's original name: Salt Lake City Prospectors.

The WBA as a whole was a league set to rival the NBA and pick up where the ABA had failed, but with a regional aspect. The seven-team league included the Fresno Stars, Great Falls Sky, Las Vegas Dealers, Reno Bighorns, Tucson Gunners, Washington Lumberjacks, and of course the Prospectors. The names and locations of the team tried to play off of the history of the locales that the teams. The league was founded by Larry Cregar who was an assistant coach in both the NBA and the ABA and businessman Neil Christiansen.

The Utah team was owned by Frank Nelson, a Salt Lake City area businessman. The team was coached by former Utah Stars player Dick Nemelka.

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Top 10 Number 1 NBA Draft Picks Of All Time

The NBA has had some fantastic players shine in the drafts. But to be picked first also comes with a lot of pressure. As we wait for the games to begin, we should turn back to the past. Maybe looking at the previous impressive number one NBA picks can guide us on the games to come. 1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Center - Milwaukee Bucks Abdul-Jabbar was picked first in the 1969 drafts, and he had to take the top spot due to one particular undefeated title. He is the NBA's all-time scorer.

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The top 15 players to never win DPOTY

The defensive player of the year award, or DPOTY, has been an award given annually to the game's best defender since 1983. There have been some great defensive players to win DPOTY such as Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, Dikembe Mutombo, and most recently Rudy Gobert. But there have also been some great defensive players to never win the award. Which begs the question, why?

Here is a list of the top 15 greatest NBA defenders, in the DPOTY era, to never have won the award.

15 Chris Paul

CP3 is one of the game's best offensive players, but also one of the best defenders of all time as well. He is consistently defending the opposing team's best guard and has ranked top 10 in steals 12 times in his NBA career, and the first six times.

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15 Worst All-stars in NBA History

Making the NBA All-star team is usually a moment of celebration and a reward for a player having a great season. All-star teams are filled with the biggest names in the game, names that even non-NBA fans know. The NBA all-star game is the culmination of the greatest all-star festivities in sports.

The NBA All-star is one place where the NBA absolutely beats the pants off the NFL, MLB, and NHL. Nobody cares about the NFL's pro-bowl, it's a week after the Superbowl and is usually missing some of the top stars in the game. The MLB all-star game always finds new unique ways to suck and ruin the game of baseball. The NHL all-star game? Who the hell watches the NHL all-star game? But the NBA has its all-star game midseason and hypes the event like nothing else it does. It's a star-studded spectacular every season.

But sometimes the NBA gets things wrong. Sometimes injuries and attrition take their toll on NBA stars and the coaches and commissioner are left to sort through what is left of the league's top players. Historically, the NBA has gotten the all-star selection process right more than it has gotten it wrong. More often than not you will hear about snubs, not fans complaining about undeserving players making the team.

The NBA is a star driver league, and each team usually has a clear best player and those players are then ranked against other team's players and that is what gives us a rough estimate of who the best players in the league are.

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The Architect of Show-Time

The Showtime Lakers of the 1980s are undoubtedly one of the greatest dynasties in NBA history. Behind Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, and Pat Riley they made nine NBA finals and won 5 of them. Their epic battles with the Larry Bird lead Celtics established what a rivalry should be, and they helped usher in the NBA to its glory days.

But what if I told you that the brand of basketball synonymous with that era and the Lakers themselves was not put in place by Pat Riley? What if I told you that this whole era got started by a man that NBA history has largely forgotten, and who coached the Lakers for just 14 games? You'd say I was crazy, right? Well, it's the truth.

The 1970s Lakers were a rollercoaster. They had the star power that is always associated with the Lakers, they had names like Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain, but they never dominated the decade. They were just one of the many teams that won NBA championships during that era. The late 70s in particular were a difficult era for the team. From 1975 to 1977 they did not make the playoffs in the beleaguered west, and they had no star.

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A look back at the 2013 NBA draft

It is a common notion that the NBA draft is a crapshoot. You may draft the next superstar, or you may draft the next bust. But being able to manage draft capital is what separated the title contenders from the fodder in the NBA. No draft encapsulates this notion more than the 2013 NBA draft.

From the get-go this was not a highly touted draft class. There was no clear #1 pick and their international players all seemed to reach who would take years to develop.

Usually in the build-up to the draft players start to separate themselves into teirs during team workouts. This was not happening for the 2013 draft class. GM's and team staff were as confused as fans as to who would go where. The top pick was especially concerning. It was hard to stay up to date when reports of players' workouts were coming in so fast.

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History of NBA super blowouts

On December 2, 2021, the Memphis Grizzlies utterly and absolutely annihilated the Oklahoma City Thunder 152-79, a 73 point differential. It's the largest blowout in NBA history. But the blowout is not something new in the NBA and it has been happening a lot more frequently than it use to.

The game between the Grizzlies and the Thunder was never close. The Grizzlies scored 31 points in the first quarter and the Thunder did not hit that mark until the 2:41 mark in the second quarter, by which time the Grizzlies had a 30 point lead. With 9:39 to go in the third quarter, the Grizzlies had 80 points, which means had they not scored again in the game they would have still won.

There are several kinds of blowouts in basketball. There is the traditional 20 point blowout, something every team suffers several times a year. Even the great 73-9 Warriors suffered 3 20+ point blowouts in their season. The 72-10 Chicago Bulls suffered just one. You can also find one of these blowouts almost nightly in the NBA. Then there are the bigger blowouts, where a team loses by 35 or more points. These are rare, but you see them a few times a month. The Grizzlies, who handed the Thunder this epic blowout, were themselves blown out by 43 points a few nights before by the Minnesota Timberwolves. Finally, there are the super blowouts; these blowouts are 50 or more points and are just one team utterly dominating another.

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Military Veterans who have played in the NBA

The United States Military has been a big piece of American history and American lore. Before every basketball game fans stand an honor America and the men and women who have served with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. The song immortalizes the defense of Fort McHenry from the war of 1812. The Veterans Administration (VA) estimates that 22 million Americans have served in the military. Countless famous Americans have served in the armed forces and that includes several NBA players.

During the early days of one of the NBA's precursors, the NBL, it was not uncommon for a player to leave the league to join the military. The military offered better pay and better accommodations than the league did.

World War II was nearly the end of the NBL as the majority of players left to serve. The lack of players caused the first racial integration in any major sport in American history

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Greatest 2nd Round Picks since 2010

The NBA draft as a whole is a crapshoot. For every Lebron James a team drafts, there are 10 guys who do not last long enough in the NBA to get their second contract. Stars are hard to come by even if you have the #1 pick in the draft, and they are harder to find as the draft winds on. But some teams have hit paydirt late in the draft.

Most fans usually do not pay attention to the draft beyond the first round. After that point, the players picked rarely make an impact in the NBA. From 2010 until 2020 only 3 first-round draft picks have not played in the NBA; Livio Jean-Charles, Nikola Milutinov, and Leandro Bolmaro. Bolmaro, a first-rounder by the Thunder in 2020 will likely make his NBA debut in a few seasons. First-rounder plays in the NBA because of guaranteed contracts, but even before guaranteed contracts it was rare for a first-rounder not to play in the NBA. In the entire history of the NBA, only 31 first-round picks have never played in the NBA. Out of those 31 picks, 22 are before the ABA-NBA merger in 1976, and most of those were back in the days when getting a job at a bank would likely earn you a higher income than being an NBA player.

Second-round picks do not enjoy an automatically guaranteed contract like their first-round counterparts, they have to earn the guaranteed money.

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Bucks win first title in 50 years; a brief history of the Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks closed out the Phoenix Suns to win their first NBA title in 50 years. The title was a long time coming for a franchise who has quietly been one of the better franchises in the NBA, but one who has just not been able to get over the hump and win big games.

The Bucks history started out probably better than any expansion team in sports history. Just 3 years after being introduced to the league the Bucks were hoisting their first NBA title banner. Part of that was due to them hitting pay dirt following their first season.

Like all expansion teams, the Bucks struggled their first season in the NBA going just 27-55. The 27-55 mark is their 4th worst in franchise history. But it allowed them to have a coin flip with the Phoenix Suns for the top pick in the draft, which they won. They were able to take UCLA center Lew Alcindor first overall.

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Racism runs deep in the Jazz DNA: a history of racism and the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz have once again found themselves at the forefront of a racism controversy following yet another fan incident at a game. This time it involves several Jazz fans saying racists comments to the father of Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant. But the Jazz are no stranger to racist controversy from their fans, ownership and even players. It is who they are, it is part of their DNA.

The Jazz started in New Orleans in 1974. New Orleans was part of the old confederacy, part of the racism belt in America that thrived off Jim Crow laws and segregation. The Jazz were founded just six years after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, and were the first expansion team to ever be placed in the deep south.

The Jazz first owner, Sam Battistone Jr, also owned several restaurants called Sambo's. While the name was a combination of Sam Battistone's name and co-owners Newell Bohnett name, it soon began to get associated with the book The Story of Little Black Sambo. The book's cartoonish depiction of African and other black peoples are now considered to be highly racists and highly offensive. The book is one of the most banned children's books in the American library system due to its offensive nature.

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The Worst Draft in NBA history: 1952

When discussing the worst NBA draft classes in NBA history, two classes often get brought up: The 1986 NBA draft and the 2000 NBA draft. Both drafts, while disastrous, did produce multiple NBA all-stars. However, only one draft class has failed to produce multiple NBA all-stars and that is the draft of 1952: The worst draft in NBA history.

1952 was just the beginning of NBA history and drafts until the 1990s were truly crap-shoots as few if any of the teams had video or scouting on the majority of the players they drafted. The 1952 draft class was just the sixth draft in NBA history, but teams had begun getting use to the process and some of the preceding and succeeding drafts provided the league with some of the all-time greats.

Excluding the two most recent draft classes of 2019 and 2020, every other draft in NBA history has produced at least 3 all-stars except for 1951 and 1952. Even the dreaded 2000 draft was able to give the league three all-stars in Michael Redd, Kenyon Martin and Jamal Magloire. While the 1951 draft only produced two all-stars in Mel Hutchins and Don Sunderledge, it was able to produce several solid role players who played multiple seasons in the NBA such as Whitey Skogg, Lew Hitch, Al McGuire and George Dempsey. The 1952 draft was not even able to do that.

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Lusia Harris: The first female NBA Draft Pick

Rarely in the annals of NBA history does a team pick a six-foot-three-inch center in the draft; even more rare does an NBA team draft a woman. But that is what the New Orleans Jazz did in the 1977 draft.

With the 137th pick in the 1977 draft the New Orleans Jazz drafted Lusia Harris. Harris was a well known product in the bayou having been a star at near by Delta State. While attended college in Cleveland, Mississippi, Harris had lead the Lady Statemen to 3 NCAA titles. She finished her career at Delta State as one of the winningest college players in history and was widely considered the best female player in the country.

Still, the pick was unorthodox. Many women had played at very high levels in college before, but none had even gotten the attention of a men's league. Harris herself was shocked by the pick. She thought it was a joke. "...Drafted by a Men's team?" was a quote from Harris taken from a Mississippi based news paper.

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The Smallest City to ever Host an NBA Game

The City of Negaunee, Michigan, is known as a mining town in the Upper Peninsula, that has turned into winter sports hub with one of the best luge tracks west of the Mississippi River. With a population of just 4,500 people, it seems to be an unlikely place to find an NBA game. But on January 16, 1952, that is exactly what happened. Negaunee, Michigan, became the smallest city to ever host a regular NBA season game.

Of the four major North American professional sports leagues the NBA has always had a reputation for having some of the smallest markets. Seven NBA markets do not have a corresponding NFL, MLB or NHL team. The BAA's merger with the NBL also added several cities like Waterloo, Iowa; Anderson, Indiana; Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and Moline, Illinois to the ranks of small towns home to an NBA team. But by 1952 the NBA had done away with much of the smaller markets in the league. In the 1951-52 season the NBA was struggling. The league had shrank for the 18 teams it had just 2 seasons prior to just 10 teams for that season. Several of the teams that entered the season were on shaky ground. The Western Division was rife with trouble, all 5 teams had serious financial issues and rumors were rampant about their possible relocation. This relocation talk is what spurred the NBA to look into new markets and other ways to attracted new fans.

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Andrew Bogut: One of the Greatest Australian NBA Players

A topic that's often debated among NBA fans is around the greatest Australian player of all time. There have been some great Aussies in the NBA over the years. From Luc Longley to Ben Simmons, they've all had an impact in America. But there's one name that tends to get mentioned more than most – Andrew Bogut. Let's take a look at his illustrious career, which began back in 2005.

Milwaukee Bucks 2005-2012
Bogut was the first overall pick in the 2005 NBA draft. He was the first Australian to be drafted number one overall. The Australian's first season saw him average 9.4 points and 7.0 rebounds per game.

The next few years saw Bogut struggle with injuries. From back fractures to broken hands and dislocated elbows, it wasn't easy for him to stay at the top of his game, but he did. The 2009-10 season was pivotal in being a breakout year as he was named in the All-NBA Third Team.

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How basketball players can benefit from a hip circle

A hip circle is a great sports tool that can be used at home, in a sports club or training outdoors. Due to its versatility and compactness, a hip circle is often also used by professional athletes. Especially for those who play contact sports professionally, where good reaction, speed as well as coordination are required. This time we will try to answer the question of how the club circle can benefit basketball players. Let's have a look!

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Top 9 Most Hyped Super-teams in NBA History

Nothing builds hype more than a super team - after all, everyone wants to see what a team with two or more elite players would do in a league. In some cases, super teams lead teams to finals and even to winning cups. But in others, it ends in tears - like what happened when LeBron, Dosh, and Wade joined the Heat in 2010. But make no mistake, the super team went ahead and won back-to-back in the subsequent years. The below graphic taken from a Betway NBA article illustrates some of the recent super teams.

Without further ado, here are the top 9 most hyped super teams in NBA history:

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Top Centers from 1999-2020

The once proud and dominate center position has been much maligned the past two decades. From 1946 until 1999 the center position was the premier position in the game. If you were going to be a title contender, you needed a great center.

Twenty-three times from 1956 until 1983 the leagues highest honor, the MVP award, went to a center. Two of the other times it did not go to a center, it went to the other big man position the power forward - both awards were won by Hawks PF Bob Petit. The other three times the award went to a non-center was Point Guards Bob Cousy and Oscar Robertson and Small Forward Julius Earving. A Shooting Guard did not win the award until 1988 when Michael Jordan won his first MVP.

The 1980s and 1990s seen the award be more spaced out, but big men still dominated the game. It was this era, specifically the success of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, which changed the game from a game dominated by big men in the paint, to the more perimeter game we see today.

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What impact has gambling sponsorship in the NBA

The sports industry is among those rare fields that are extremely flexible and are often shaped by social and other changes. The industry is moulded by the numerous adjustments and developments. For example, only about a decade ago any involvement in sports betting was illegal. However, a few years ago the Supreme Court overruled this decision and, as you can imagine, it has a long-term substantial impact on the world of sports. For instance, it means that gambling companies can now sponsor sports events and teams. This is a huge change for the industry as a whole, and the NBA was the first one to jump on this train. NBA sponsorship deals can open up a lot of new opportunities and influence the course of the whole basketball field. It has the potential to make it even bigger and more wide-spread. In this article, we will research the impact of gambling sponsorship on the basketball and possible outcome of this collaboration.

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Why the NBA Succeeded Where Other Leagues Failed

Today when we think of professional basketball we think of the NBA. The NBA has become a cornerstone in American sports along with the NFL, NHL and MLB. It is the most successful basketball league of all-time, raking in tens of billions of dollars annually and has about a billion viewers world wide.

But this wasn't always the case. At one time the NBA was little more than a footnote, not just to the NHL, NFL and MLB, but to other basketball leagues as well. So what changed? How did the NBA succeed where these other leagued failed. Two things really, big cities and consistency.

The NBA, or the BAA as it was called back then, began in 1946 as a way for NHL owners to make money on days when their NHL teams were not playing. This is why the first group of teams where in cities with NHL teams; Boston (Bruins), Toronto (Maple Leafs), New York (Rangers), Detroit (Redwings), and Chicago (Blackhawks).

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NBA News: Will the Rockets Launch Harden to Another Destination?

Earlier this month, the Houston Rockets swung a deal with the Washington Wizards for disgruntled point guard, John Wall, in order to appease their fickle superstar, James Harden. The cost to acquire the 30-year-old Wall was perennial All-Star, Russell Westbrook, so this deal was not without its consequences.

But to hear Wall speak after the trade was a done deal suggests that his perception was identical to that of Houston's management when he stated, "Me and James had a great talk since I've been traded here.

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What impact has gambling sponsorship in the NBA

The sports industry is among those rare fields that are extremely flexible and are often shaped by social and other changes. The industry is moulded by the numerous adjustments and developments. For example, only about a decade ago any involvement in sports betting was illegal. However, a few years ago the Supreme Court overruled this decision and, as you can imagine, it has a long-term substantial impact on the world of sports. For instance, it means that gambling companies can now sponsor sports events and teams. This is a huge change for the industry as a whole, and the NBA was the first one to jump on this train. NBA sponsorship deals can open up a lot of new opportunities and influence the course of the whole basketball field. It has the potential to make it even bigger and more wide-spread. In this article, we will research the impact of gambling sponsorship on the basketball and possible outcome of this collaboration.

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History and Evolution of the NBA

Americans love their sports, and after the legendary NFL, the National Basketball Association is one of the most loved sports leagues in the country. With world-renowned players and incredible matches that keep spectators on the edges of their seats, the NBA has carved out its own niche in the universe of sports. The love for NBA tournaments is not limited to the borders of the United States and extends far beyond to multiple continents and numerous countries. Since online casinos and gambling sites have grown in popularity enormously over the past decade or two, anyone from around the world can place bets on various NBA matches. Let us understand a bit more about how the NBA came to be and how it achieved its current form.

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The Up-and-Coming Stars to Watch in NBA 2020-21:

The next NBA season is literally hours away now. The long wait is finally over. Of course, the NBA wouldn’t be the multi-billion-dollar sport that it is without iconic superstars that have committed decades of professionalism to the game. The likes of LeBron James, who is set to enter his 18th NBA season as he prepares to turn 36, have set the bar high.

But although it’s important to continue to celebrate and acknowledge the ageing heroes that have given so much to the world of NBA, it’s also exciting to pinpoint the young upstarts battling to take their place. Let’s take a look at six young guns looking to make their mark and cement themselves as part of the NBA’s next generation of MVPs.

Zion Williamson

20-year-old Zion Williamson is one of the first names on the lips of every NBA analyst right now. At a shade under two metres and approximately 130kg, Williamson is a powerhouse forward in every possible sense. His rookie season with the New Orleans Pelicans was hampered significantly by injury, but 2020-21 is set to be his year, even though it might not be the Pelicans’ year. New Orleans are priced as long as +650 in FOX Bet’s latest NBA odds for its Southwest Division Winner futures market. The Pelicans are one of the newest NBA franchises, which means people should look beyond their low all-time wins total, which places them beneath the Minnesota Timberwolves who are largely considered the worst performing franchise in NBA history. Under the tutelage of Pelicans coach Stan Van Gundy, who nurtured Dwight Howard at Orlando during a similar time in his fledgling career, Williamson has a unique blend of technical and physical attributes that could see him become the new face of the NBA for years to come.

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Sports betting Strategies To Follow In 2021

The more experience a player has in betting, the better results he will get. Strategies in online sports betting are specific steps that a player follows because they have worked for him. They are only achieved in practice. In short, strategies are plans that are organized and executed. It's all about trial and error for gamblers until you get a sports betting strategy to generate good results. Each bettor manages his own strategies, but there are always some that work for everyone. That is why it is exciting and recommended that players follow the right strategy to bet at online casinos.

Why use strategies in sports betting?
Strategies in online sports betting are critical. Players should not bet any of their capital without first having a plan in place. Gambling is not just a game to get some fun and have a good time.

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NBA Teams Face More Time on the Road

As we gear up for one of the most interesting winters we've had in a while, the changing NBA landscape is going to well. change even more as the fixtures for the 2021 schedule have been released.

To help cater for playing during a global pandemic, reducing exposure and player fatigue (or at least trying to), we can expect to see NBA teams facing a lot more time on the road. But what does that mean for the future season? And how will that affect all the odds on who might join the list of NBA champions?

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Exploring Michael Jordan and What Makes Him Special

Michael Jordan is a name that is well-known in many households and will be for many years to come. As a 6-foot 6 NBA player, he completely reshaped the way people view basketball during the 1980s and 1990s. To many, he is considered the best the world has seen, and when you watch the way he glides through the court and dunks the ball, it's not difficult to see why.

A Winning Streak

Jordan showed everyone that he was a superior athlete when playing with the Chicago Bulls and led them to victory six times. Not only that, he was named the most valuable player five times. Before long, his name completely dominated any talk of basketball. In 1984, he took part in the Olympics with the basketball team, and that year they won gold. His talent knew no boundaries, and that was evident in his streak of wins

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NBA 2020: A Quick Guide To NBA's Betting Games

The NBA is back, and as the gameplay resumes. Fans and experts alike are hyped to see their favorites in the court once more. Another activity fans can do is betting on the NBA, which is fun, especially if you have a basic knowledge of the sport and its betting games. Every basketball fan and bettor wants to know the secret to winning bets on the NBA. However, it can be quite confusing and challenging to analyze and navigate through NBA betting lines.

From primary NBA betting lines to complex and multifaceted teasers and parlays, learning which games to bet on the NBA is simple with the right information. Understanding and familiarizing the different lines, how they work, and how they may not be suitable for your level of expertise is a massive part of your successful betting.

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Corey Maggette Looks Forward to DJ Steward Continuing the Chicago-Duke pipeline

Despite Corey Maggette only spending one year at Duke University before the 1999 draft, he set a lot a future trends that continue to this day in Durham. Now more than 20 years after he was on campus, Maggette's name once again comes up as the new season gets ready to start.

Why is Maggette's name in the news? There is another talented freshman on campus from the Chicago area this year, and even though they do not have too many similarities in playing style, it shows off the pipeline of players from the Windy City. Maggette started the trend, as he was the first to show that going from the Midwest to North Carolina was a smart move.

Maggette to Steward: 20 years of success with Chicago kids

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The Early Era of Basketball Video Games

Basketball remains an exciting and thrilling game to watch and play. The NBA inspires many young people to pick up a ball and play on the court. It also draws many to sit in front of a TV and watch games unfold. And then there is another option: players could sit in a chair and try their skills at an NBA video game. Modern technology and game design reveal visually stunning ways to become a virtual basketball star. NBA video games, however, are not new. Anyone who enjoys basketball history and modern video games might feel surprised when learning how old basketball video games are.

Early Days of Basketball Video Games

The first basketball video game landed on the consumer market long before most people realized. The game debuted in 1972 for the now-forgotten Magnavox Odyssey system

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Covid-19: Can the NBA Season be Paused or Terminated Early?

The suspension of the sports season in many leagues and federations is the immediate consequence of the lockdown imposed by the authorities worldwide. Each league or federation could not carry on with its matches scheduled. The National Basketball Association (NBA) was no exception. Despite multiple attempts to forge ahead with its 2019-2020 season, the executive stopped the activities midway.

The Embarrassment of NBA Authorities

In an attempt to plan the 2019-2020 season, a meeting of the board of governors was convened. This special grouping aimed at taking into account potential risk in the event of organizing the season in question.

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Why Choosing Your NBA Bookmaker is the Most Important Decision of Your Betting Career

Why Choosing Your NBA Bookmaker is the Most Important Decision of Your Betting Career

It is logical and common sense to say that anyone who becomes a gambler will improve as they gain more knowledge and be a better gambler after a year or two than they were at the start.

However, it is right at the beginning of your betting career where you have to make the most important decisions at all, a time when you are least experienced. This is to choose which bookmaker, or bookmakers if you are heading down the smart road, you are going to bet with.

This decision will directly impact your profit and loss figures, it could be the difference between winning and losing a bet, you cannot underestimate how important this is.

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Unbelievable Scenarios in Sports Betting You Need To Read To Believe!

With gambling establishments becoming more accessible than betting can now be done from anywhere, navigating through several betting platforms is now much easier. If you are a punter who resides in Nigeria, there are lots of bookmakers for you to choose from. There are trusted Bookmakers services review that offer vast betting markets, valuable promotions, and quality gambling experience.

Many argue that sports betting is largely based on skills. However, the activity is as much as luck as it is a skill. When it comes to football betting, there are several ways to win a bet. A common technique is betting on more specific fixtures. The more specific the bet is the higher the bettor's chances of losing, therefore, the higher the payout. A bettor can place a bet on the result of a game, which team will be scoring next, or which players will score. Here are some occurrences in sports betting that we consider rare and most beneficial to bettors who have bet on specific markets.

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Successful NBA Betting: 4 Methods You Can't Ignore

The average worth of an NBA team has multiplied impressively in the past decade. Nowadays, one team can be worth over 2 billion dollars or even more. Stunning, we know. Wealth can move from the court to the bank accounts of the fans and sportsbook enthusiasts. However, that requires patience and precision. It may not be as straining or cathartic as scoring a field game at the quarter's last legs, but it is quite entertaining. Let us explore a few methods and prompts that everyone should know.

The entirety of the US sports betting industry was valued at 40 billion dollars four years ago. At the time, the predictions were that it should exponentially grow with 10 billion each year. It happened that these indicators became a reality, backing up the idea that fans and dealers are heavily engaged in number wagering. But even avid fans may find their betting decisions to be difficult. Are the stars more favoured by their glory, or are the underdogs fueled by ambition to win?

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Brushing up on Our Knowledge about the NBA Now that the League is Back

After months of doldrums in the arena, the NBA has finally sprung back on its two feet. What seemed like a possibility and a matter of chance is now in full swing.

The playoffs have been faring well, and the players are at their topmost form. All our apprehensions regarding the form of the players and the format of the game have been put to rest.

Therefore, it is probably the best time to brush up on our knowledge about the league. It shall bode well for us, the fans, to reflect upon all that transpired so far in this domain.

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Usual Mistakes New NBA Bettor Commits

NBA is a sports popular not only on its origin but other places in the world. Many people are awaiting on who the next NBA champ is going to be. Apart from the sizzling basketball game, another thing people are also excited about is betting on whose team will win. Betting on the NBA has been a tradition in different places in the world. They bet not just to show support to the team they admire but also to win cash from it.

Seasonal bettors may have different techniques used to win in this game, but for new ones it may take time for them to perfect the craft. Actually, there are some usual mistakes new bettors commit, and this article will let you know about these mistakes so you can avoid them in case you are planning to join the craze.

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