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Grizzlies hold Open Practice
In their first scrimmage before thousands of their biggest critics, the Memphis Grizzlies hosted their fifth annual open practice, which allowed fans to watch Coach Mike Fratello run the team through a “game like” scrimmage and showcased the team’s new additions.
The History of Basketball part 3
In this weeks edition of The History of Basketball,It's the 1950's. The Lakers dynasty disappears only to reappear later in the decade. the Hawks and the Celtics face each other 4 times in the finals. and new comers Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, and Bill Russell all leave their mark on the NBA.
The History of Basketball part 2
In this weeks edition of The History of Basketball we travel from the depression of the 30s, thought the ABL. the NBL, NCAA and BAA soon join in the basketball world, and by the end of the Decade the ABL is no more, and the NBL and BAA have formed to created the NBA.
The History of Basketball part 1
For the Next few Weeks NHO will bring you the new series The History of Basketball. Every Week we will exlore a new section of the History of the game we all love. This week, the creation of the game to the early ABL.
Julius Earving
Dr J is one of the greatest players to play in both the ABA and NBA. find out more in this article.
Patrick Ewing
A biogrpahy of the former New York legand
Devin Brown joins Jazz
After a decade in the sports of San Antonio, Texas, Devin Brown makes a jump back to the Rocky Mountains.
No rest for the weary
Why the San Antonio Spurs are still the team to beat.
All-time Internation teams
Who made it and who didn't 7 teams, and players representing over 20 countries.
Suns mistakes
Have the Phoenix Suns been making mistakes that could keep them out of the playoffs this season?
Top 10 NBA Draft Bust
Who are they? you may be surprised to see who made the list.
RMR review for day 6
The Final breakdown of the 2005 Rocky Mountain revue, includes and indepth player breakdown.
RMR review for day 5
A breakdown of day 5 of the RMR between the Sonics-Bobcats, and Spurs-Mavericks.
RMR review for day 4
A breakdown of the Rockey Mountain Revue game between San Antonio and Charlotte, Dallas and Utah, and Atlanta and Seattle.
RMR review for day 3
A breakdown of the Rockey Mountain Revue game between San Antonio and Atlanta, Dallas and Charlotte, and Utah and Seattle.
RMR review for day 2
A breakdown of the Rockey Mountain Revue game between San Antonio and Seattle, Dallas and Atlanta, and Utah and Charlotte.
RMR review for day 1
A breakdown of the Rockey Mountain Revue game between Utah and Atlanta.
Buck Struck
The Milwaukee Bucks have been the biggest players in this young offseason.
RMR Preview
A preview of undrafted players in the Rocky Mountain Review
2005 NBA Draft Buddy
This years draft buddy is up and ready to be printed out, this years also includes the second round.
Lottery break down
the top 14 picks are broken down
NHO Mock Draft
From the first pick by Milwaukee to the last pick by Utah
George Mikan
The NBA's first big man, and first superstar.
NBA Team mottos
A fun look at all 30 teams.
Good Bye Reggie Miller
Reggie Miller played his last game last night, here is a fitting tribute to the former All-star.
Detroit Pistons: Worst fans in the NBA.
The Brawl with Indiana, the bomb threats, constant harassing of players, and now coin throwing. What has gotten into fans of the Detroit Pistons? In a city who has one of the worst murder rates in the country, for years the Palace was a fairly tranquil place to visit. Now it seems as if the rift-raft from the streets of Detroit has made its way into the Palace, and even onto the court.
2004-05 NHO awards
MVP, COTY, DPOT all right here, chosen by the staff of NHO
Bright blue future
Dukes JJ Redic, and Shelden Williams are poised to lead the Blue Devils deep into the NCAA Tourney.
NBA Needs Downsizing
The Milwaukee Bucks, Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Bobcats, Golden State Warriors, Utah Jazz, New Orleans Hornets and the Los Angeles Clippers are teams you seldom see on ESPN, and never see on ABC.
Heat to be turned down in Miami
Do the Heat have to much talent?
Utah wins its second logo championship in a row.
Wade comes up huge in Shaqs absence.
Dwayne Wade's big game for the Miami Heat.
History of the slam dunk
This is an awesome article about the evolution of the slam dunk. its a must read.
NHO ran an article stating that the Lakers would get Mike Redd from the Bucks. this rumor was fake, read why it was done.
Lakers to acquire Redd
the Lakers are in serious discussion with the Bucks for Michael Redd.
Logo Survivor Championship.
Chicago Bulls vs Utah Jazz who has the better logo.
Logo Survivor semi-finals.
The semi-Finals are here. Heat-Bulls and Jazz-Warriors. Vote today.
Logo Survivor round one
The Playoffs are here. each team left faces another team.
The Beast from the East
Since before the NBA lockout shortened season, the NBA’s Eastern conference has taken a bad rap for being a conference for small men only.
Jazz Grizzlies photos
AN NHO Exclusive!
Logo Survivor round one
After one round Utah has a 2 vote advantage over most of its opponents.
Jazz-Spurs Photos
More Exclusive photos from NHO.
Larry Hughes:Unsung all-star
The Eastern conference is full of high profile, high flying, high scoring guards
Logo Survivor 2005
Its time for our annual Logo survivor contest. each year all the NBA's team logos.
How the Mighty have fallen
How the mighty have fallen! At the beginning of this season I was excited to see some of the reconstructed teams in the NBA, teams like the Lakers, Hornets, Jazz, and Nuggets.
Lusia Harris
Many people do not realize that long before there was the WNBA, there was a woman who attempted to join the ranks of professional basketball.
Spurs are NBA's best!
Who is the best team after about 30 games? Is it the Phoenix Suns with the NBA’s best record, or the serging Seattle Sonics, or could it be the Miami Heat? Its actually none of the above. It’s a team who’s winning usually goes unnoticed, the San Antonio Spurs.
LeBron James to wear a face mask.
LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers was injured by Houston center Dikembe Mutombo's elbow during a game Wednesday night. James said afterwards, "It was one of the hardest hits I ever took. I've never felt anything like that."
Yesterdays Players vs Todays players.
Do you ever turn on an Celtics game and long for the days of Larry Bird? I do, I’ve been a Celtics fan since the late 70s and I really miss the old days. I know a lot of fans will say that today is better then yesterday, but I disagree.
Want a quicker way to access the forum at NHO? then type in http://www.nbaboards.net to access the forum.
Utah Jazz Team Grades
All 15 players and the coach get a grade based on their performance this year. a not to be missed article for any Jazz fan.
Jazz Kings photos
Exclusive NHO photos take from the Utah Jazz vs Sacramento Kings game on 12/31/04 in Salt Lake City.
Kobe can't play hero
We finally reached the big day that many fans have been waiting for. Children opened up their presents, while Santa Claus delivered a special gift to the NBA fans this year. The Miami Heat went up against the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday, however, the game was most advertised as “Kobe vs. Shaq”.
Open Letter to the NBA As a lifelong N.B.A. fan I am disheartened and dismayed by the continuing demise of this once proud organization. How does a group who once gave a lifetime ban to a player who had a drug addiction.
One mans take on the Pistons pacers brawl
So I'm sitting at home watching what appears to be the end of a what seems to be a semi boring game. when Ron Artest fouls Ben Wallace, and Ben Wallace shoved Ron Artest in the head. The players do their usual multi-million dollar gangster, big shot attitude dance, all the while Ron Artest is laying on the scorers table.
12 days of NBA Christmas
on the first day of basketball the NBA gave to me; ONE REALLY BAD GAME.
Makes and Cuts
11/1/04- Some interesting cuts where made today; the most shocking may have come from the Memphis Grizzlies who cut both Troy Bell, and Bo Outlaw.
Redneck at the jazz-Knicks game
The Jazz started the game off by scoring on 20 of their first 25 possessions, the Knicks also started hot scoring on their first 10 possessions.
NBA Needs Change.
With the embarrassing losses in the 2004 summer games in Athens, and the humiliation in the 2002 world championships in Indianapolis
Hot Rods Smile
One of the first things you notice about Hot Rod Hundley is his contagious smile. Anyone within eyeshot is quickly drawn to this former NBA All Star.
Dawn of a new era.
We have all heard the saying "The Dawning of a New Era", but few times has anyone seen an era end in such swiftness. NBA Hoops Online scratches the surface of one of the busiest offseasons in NBA history.
RMR Breakdown
Redneck at the review.
Boozers ethics
You’re a hard working productive member of a company, you have worked for this company for two years, this company has been good to you.
2003-04 Kings Grades.
2004 NBA Finals breakdown
1970-71 Champion Bucks team.
Milwaukee took the 1970-71 NBA championship by playing phenomenal basketball. It all started when the Bucks made an off season move to trade Flynn Robinson and Charlie Paulk to the Cincinnati Royals in return for guard Oscar "The Big O" Robertson
top 10 coaches of 03-04.
top 25 players of 03-04.
Importantce of a top 5 pick.
Very Important! or thats what the facts say. every team who has one the NBA title since the start of the lottery has had at least 1 top 5 pick, most have had a top 3 pick.
NBA Realignment
Could the NBA be following the NFL? Well maybe!
NBA Daily
2003-04 season predictions
Kobe Braynt
15 players to watch in 03-04
Team Needs
Pistons fire Carlisle.
Joe Dumars, former Piston, fired Rick Carlisle, former head coach in Detroit
James or Anthony?
The question every one has on their minds is "LeBron or Carmelo?"
2003 NBA Finals Breakdown
Lakers dynasty has ended.
For the past 3 years the NBA has revered the Los Angeles Lakers