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5 Teams Likely To Tank In 2018/19 NBA Season

As the new NBA season approaches, there is a lot of speculation about which teams are going to make it to the top and which teams are going to tank. Not every team wants to tank, and so they try everything that they can to get some new players in order to improve their chances of doing well. Tanking is never fun, but it is very likely for a lot of teams as could be seen in the last season. In this article, you’ll find five of the teams that are most likely to tank in the upcoming 2018/19 NBA season. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Why Tank The Season?

For some teams, tanking is not always a choice, however for others, tanking the season gives them time to get their team back on track and ready for the next one. This is often why a lot of teams decide not to compete and aim for the playoffs. They already know that they aren’t going to make it and so they use the current season to build experience for their younger players and figure out what the best line-ups are for them. Of course, for some, tanking is not ideal, and they must learn to use it to their advantage in order to come back fighting in the next season.

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2018-19 NBA Season Preview

The 2018-19 NBA season is upon us following a very tumultuous off-season that seen the balance of power in the eastern conference shift, and the already deadly western conference get much much tougher. Lebron James took his talents to bright sunny Los Angeles, but that does not make the Lakers a shoe in for a title.

The off-season also seen the Spurs shake up at a level not seen since the 1990s. Hallmarks of the silver and black, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are now gone, and rising superstar Kawhi Leonard left the longhorn state for the icy waters of Lake Ontario and Toronto.

The eastern conference is going to be similar to what it was last year, but with one glaring omission. That omission of course will be the Cleveland Cavaliers. The loss of Lebron James will be too much for the Cavs to contend with and they will fail to make the playoffs after making the finals four straight years.

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The NBA's First Season

Following World War II sports in America began to pick up a lot of popularity. Fans clamored for entertainment and Football, Baseball and Hockey brought just that to the American populace. Basketball at the time was still in its infancy, with most leagues lasting less than a season before disbanding. There were two established leagues in the United States following the War, there was the ABL and NBL. Both leagues played in small Midwest cities and were regional at best.

Walter Brown, owner of the Boston Garden and the landlord of the Boston Bruins of the NHL, thought that money could be made on the off-nights if the Boston Garden were to host basketball games. Brown had thought about attempting to purchase an ABL team but that did not pan out. He was skeptical that an NBL team could succeed so far away from the Ohio Valley where most teams resided, and often failed.

Brown got in contact with other business owners in other major cities such as Philadelphia and New York to try and establish a new league based in larger cities with teams playing in large venues.

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Is Coach of the Year Cursed?

It looks like one of sports most persistent curses has struck again. Fans know about the Madden Curse, where everyone on the cover of the Madden video game get hurt or has a terrible season. But do fans know about the curse of the NBA coach of the year award?

If reports and speculation is correct than Toronto's Dwane Casey will win the 2017-18 NBA coach of the year award, but guess what? The Raptors just fired Dwane Casey. If true, and Casey wins the award he will join a long list of successful NBA coaches who lose their job after winning the award.

Four of the last six award winners have been unscathed by this curse. But Gregg Popovich seems to be the one man exempt from this curse. He has won the award 3 times, and is still coach of the San Antonio Spurs. In fact, he is the only person to coach beyond 5 years after winning the award. He first won the award in 2003. Last years winner Mike D'Antoni and the 2016 winner Steve Kerr still have their jobs. The 2012 and 2014 winner is Popavich The 2015 winner, Mike Budenholzer recently joined the curse when was let go by the Atlanta Hawks 3 years after winning the award.

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