Anderson Packers HISTORY

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Quick facts:

Founded:  1946
Folded:   1951
Arena:    Anderson High School Wigwam.
          1301 Lincoln St.
          Anderson, Indiana
Built in: 1925
Capacity: 8,996
Titles:   1 1949 NBL
Playoffs: 1
Colors:   Red, White, Blue
GM:       Howard Cronk
Owner:    Ike Duffey

1945-46 NL Anderson Chiefs 
1946-49 NBL Anderson Duffey Packers 
1949-50 NBA Anderson Packers 
1950-51 NPBL Anderson Packers 

Coachs: 3 

Howie Schultz    1949-50 
Ike Duffey       1949-50 
Doxie Moore      1949-50 
Murry Mendenhall 1950-51

The team was founded and owned by brothers Ike W. and John B. Duffey, founders of meat packing company Duffey's Incorporated, which had purchased the Hughes-Curry Packing Co. of Anderson in 1946, at which time the brothers founded the Anderson Packers. John Duffey was president of the club, and Ike was its secretary-treasurer.

Anderson played in four leagues during its short existence. In their first year the played in the National League, a small rival to the NBL. After one year in the NL they joined the NBL for three seasons where they would win the leagues last championship in 1949.

In the 1949 the NBL merged with the BAA to from the NBA and Anderson would join most the NBL teams in the NBA. The Packers lasted only a season in the NBA before moving to the newly created National Professional Basketball League. The Packers and the NPBL would fold after half of a season.

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