Tricities Blackhawks HISTORY

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Quick facts:

Founded:                   1946
Moved                      1951
Arena:                     Wharton Fieldhouse, Molina, Il
Founder:                   Leo Ferris
Division Championships:    None
NBA Titles:                None
NBL Titles:                None
Playoffs:                  3 (48,49,50)

How The Blackhawks got their nickname:
Tri-Cities is located in the midwest, in lands which once belonged to the Kickapoo, Sauk, and Fox Native American tribes. The three tribes fought a long war against the United Stated called the Blackhawk war after their chief Blackhawk.

First Ever NBA Game:
The Blackhawks and the Denver Nuggets played in the first NBA game after the merger of the NBL and the BAA which formed the NBA.
The Blackhawks would win the game 93 to 85. Billy Hassett would lead the Blackhawks with 15 and Denver's Bob Brown would lead all scorers with 16.

1947-48 Tri-Cities Blackhawks

Bobby McDermott and Murray Wier


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