Weird Basketball Photos   
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No this isn't Nazi Germany's men's basketball team. It's a San Francisco based team from 1909.

The Chilocco men's team also used the swatzika up until the 1930s.
Note that this may be one of the earliest Native American teams.

What's so weird about a Sam Vincent card from 1990? Well nothing normally, but notice the guy in the corner? It's Michael Jordan. What number is he wearing? #12.

Here are more Jordan #12 photos

What's creepier than Dick Cheany? Dick Cheany with a Utah Jazz jersey.

Wilt Chamberlain and Muhammed Ali

Cuban dicator Fidel Castro

Hollywood acting legend James Dean

Ponahou High School basketball team featuring Barack Obama

Obama isn't the only basketball playing president. Here is a high school team photo with Ronald Reagan in it. (3rd from left)

Here future US president Gerald Ford is involved in a jump ball aboard the USS Monterrey circa World War II.

Julius Peppers while playing for North Carolina

Other than the blatant racism I don't know what is going on here.