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World Records in Basketball

Largest win margin: 148-80, Cleveland Cavs over Miami Heat(12/7/91)
Highest Dunk:12 feet-Micheal Wilson(Harlem Globetrotters)
Highest Scoring NBA Game: Detroit beat Denver 186-184(12/13/83)
Youngest Player in NBA:Jermaine O'Neal of Portland(1996). he was 18 years and 53 days
Tallest Player: Gheorge Muresan of Washington was 7'7"
Most points in a quarter: 58 by Buffalo Braves vs Boston(10/20/73)
Most Points in a half: 107 by Phoenix over Denver(11/11/90) Most points by 1 player in game:100, Wilt Chamberlin(3/2/62) What Happened to the Phoenix Suns?