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The BAA or Basketball Association of America was a precurser to the NBA. the BAA formed in 1946 joined with the NBL in 1949 to from the NBA.

First Season


Boston Celtics           1946-49; joined NBA;   Now one of the most successful NBA
                                             teams winning 17 NBA titles
Chicago Stags            1946-49; joined NBA    Disbanded in 1950 
Cleveland Rebels         1946-47 
Detroit Falcons          1946-47 
New York Knickerbockers  1946-49; joined NBA    Won two titles in the 1970s 
Philadelphia Warriors    1946-49; joined NBA    Now the Golden State Warriors 
Pittsburgh Ironmen       1946-47 
Providence Steamrollers  1946-49 
St. Louis Bombers        1946-49; joined NBA    Disbanded in 1950 
Toronto Huskies          1946-47 
Washington Capitols      1946-49; joined NBA    Disbanded in 1951 
Baltimore Bullets        1947-49; joined NBA    Disbanded 1n 1954; last NBA team to disband
Fort Wayne Pistons       1948-49; joined NBA    Now the Detroit Pistons, have won
                                                3 titles 
Indianapolis Jets        1948-49; joined NBA    Disbanded in 1949 
Minneapolis Lakers       1948-49; joined NBA    Moved to Los Angeles, have won
                                        14 NBA titles 
Rochester Royals         1948-49; joined NBA    Now the Sacramento Kings