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For the Golden State Warriors the NBA finals have been much like the rest of the playoffs, an exhibition of their shear greatness. The defending NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers have put up little resistance to the 2015 NBA champions and it looks like the Warriors could be on their way to a second NBA title in three years.

The Warriors have sliced through the playoffs with very little problem. In the first game of the playoffs the Trailblazers challenged them a little, but the Warriors over came them in the 4th quarter. Similarly, in game 3 vs Utah the Warriors had some early trouble adjusting to the altitude but when they finally did they ran away with the game. Their biggest challenge was shaking off some rust vs Spurs in game 1 where they needed to overcome a huge deficit. But overcome they did.

"Well, Golden State is giving a statement with their performance in the post season. They haven't lost a single game in the Playoffs. Plus, with the way things ended in last year's Finals, they want to destroy the Cavaliers. And, what's even more interesting, is that Cleveland is the underdog for Game 3, having the home field advantage. In our sportsbook, the line for the Cavs is at +3. Even though LeBron and friends have shocked the Warriors before, it doesn't seem it will go down that route this time around." says David Strauss, line director at MyBookie online sportsbook.

Cleveland, it was thought would provide a much better challenge than the Blazers, Jazz and Spurs but that has yet to be seen. Though, last year Cleveland fell behind before Lebron James took his game to the next level and the Cavs overcame a 3-1 Warriors lead to win the NBA title.

Unlike last year, this Warriors team seems a lot more determined. They have gotten better by replacing Harrison Barnes with Kevin Durant, and the bitterness of last years game 7 defeat still lingers in their minds.

The series shifts to Cleveland though, a place were the Cavs, ironically, have not played their best ball this post season. Prior to this series the Cavs had just one loss, at home vs Boston in the East Finals. But some of their games vs Indiana and Toronto were closer at home than on the road.

One bit of good news for the Cavs is that the Warriors have struggled in game 3's a bit this post season. Against both Portland and Utah the Warriors let the home crowds get into the games. They have always overcome the crowds, but neither the Jazz nor Blazers are as good as the Cavs on the basketball court.

If Cleveland is going to get a game in this series and hope to change the overall tide of the series than game 3 is a must. No team in NBA history has ever come back from an 0-3 deficit to win a playoff series and only 3 have ever forced a game 7. Being down 2 game to 1 is a lot more manageable than 0 games to 3.