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    National Basketball League
    NBA Hoops Online has one of the most extensive collections of National Basketball League information on the web. The NBL was a precursor to the NBA, in 1949 it merged with the Basketball Association of American (BAA) to form the NBA. The NBA, however, does not consider this history to be part of its own, instead taking the history of the BAA, which has caused much of the NBL's history to be lost. Luckily we have pieced a lot of it back together.

    National Basketball League history page

    2017-18 NBA Predictions

    After a long off-season, which seen the west once again get stronger at the expense of the east, it is finally time for NBA training camp. With the NBA preseason being shorter this year, most teams will report to camp in the next couple of weeks.

    A lot has changed in the last 3 and a half months since the Warriors held up the O'Brien trophy. The Warriors got better. The Cavs swapped all-star point guards with the Celtics. The Celtics added Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. The Thunder added Paul George. And the Atlanta Hawks 10 year playoff streak looks to be coming to an end.

    But who is the odds on favorite to win the NBA title?

    Complete Article

    NBA Players defending Isaiah Thomas

    On Wed, Fox Sports activities 1s Chris Broussard reported that Thomas possessed an unhealthy rapport along with his teammates. Some ex - Celtics immediately emerged to I.T.s protection, denying that he was ever before a difficulty in the locker room. Kelly Olynyk called the idea preposterous and Jared Sullinger said it was sits, lies, plus more lays. Terry Roziernow the second-longest-tenured Celtic on the roster, as the Globes Adam Himmelsbach will advise you acknowledged Thomas for uplifting his work ethic, and Jaylen Dark brown called the shirt burning pathetic.

    The teammate testimony contrasted so sharply with Broussards article that the second option thought tainted, orchestrated by anonymous Boston higher-ups to soften the blow of such a much loved player being dealt away. Broussard persisted on Thursday, centering in on the sourcing of his report Thomas not being well-liked by teammates was the conception from professional people who do, naturally, value keeping lovers happy.

    Complete Article

    Lakers Plans to Sign Paul George Marred with Investigations from the NBA

    This summer could end up with one of the biggest controversies in the NBA after a Monday statement by the league articulated that the Lakes are under investigation for tampering with the trade of Paul George while still playing for Indiana Pacers. The statement pointed out that the infringement happened before George left tom join the Thunder. Indiana Pacers are the ones who have called for the intervention of the NBA, which could affect betting odds for the Lakers.

    As soon as George hinted to the Pacers that in the subsequent season, he would not sign a new contact, the board seems to have heeded his warning and begun looking for a suitable replacement and trade partner. The Pacers are also certain that with the many potential replacements in the NBA, they can trade the all-Star forward as a one-year rental before completing his move to the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent.

    Complete Article

    Mutombo Sustains Basketball Awareness in Africa

    Spending his childhood in Congo, South Africa almost 40 years ago, Dikembe Mutombo never owned a fancy basketball to train with. Heck, he didn’t have any ball to play at all.

    The program for global development association had not been initiated back then, but somehow Mutombo managed to find a way to the game of basketball. And then one fine day, akin to Hakeem Olajuwon, he made his way to the Basket Hall of Fame. These two NBA champions became immensely popular in the U.S. but unfortunately could not revive the love of basketball in their own homeland. More than a few kids in South Africa do not know much about the game and targeted soccer or cricket more - here is when Dikenbe took matters in his own hands.

    Complete Article
    Trevor Gleeson Gloomy since Wildcats won't Play NBA Allies

    If you have heard about Melbourne United, Brisbane Bullets or even the Sydney Kings, you could be feeling bad because of sour memories down the lane. Well, all three teams of the NBL (Aussie Basketball League) are lined up to engage in matches in The USA; even though their subsistence is not likely to have an effect on the betting of for subsequent NBA games. Worth the Wait for Fans

    The notion of NBL groups competing against NBA squads in the pre-season could be thrilling news for everybody. NBL enthusiasts apparently wish to ascertain how successfully their home boys can perform against the legends of NBA. Moreover, NBA fans will delight in the chances to establish that the NBA is mightier than all other basketball associations.

    Complete Article
    Trevor Gleeson Unhappy that Wildcats won't Play NBA Friendlies

    Have you ever heard of the Brisbane Bullets, the Sydney Kings or even Melbourne United? Do not feel bad if none of those names strike a chord in your memory. All three are teams in the NBL, Australia’s basketball league, and they are slated to play matches in the United States.

    The idea of NBL teams playing against NBA teams in the pre-season should be exciting news for everyone. NBL fans obviously want to see just how effectively their local teams perform against the juggernauts of the NBA. And NBA fans will relish the opportunity to prove that the NBA is superior to all other basketball leagues.

    However, questions have begun to arise with regards to the teams chosen to represent Australia in the NBA. The NBL players will be facing off against the Phoenix Suns, the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma Thunder, and announcements were initially met with a fair amount of excitement.

    Complete Article

    Lakers Plans to Sign Paul George Marred with Investigations from the NBA

    This summer could end up with one of the biggest controversies in the NBA after a Monday statement by the league articulated that the Lakes are under investigation for tampering with the trade of Paul George while still playing for Indiana Pacers. The statement pointed out that the infringement happened before George left tom join the Thunder. Indiana Pacers are the ones who have called for the intervention of the NBA, which could affect betting odds for the Lakers.

    As soon as George hinted to the Pacers that in the subsequent season, he would not sign a new contact, the board seems to have heeded his warning and begun looking for a suitable replacement and trade partner. The Pacers are also certain that with the many potential replacements in the NBA, they can trade the all-Star forward as a one-year rental before completing his move to the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent.

    Complete Article

    Warriors 2017 offseason

    Last off season the Warriors scored the top free agent by signing Kevin Durant, and that signing paid huge dividend as the Warriors won their second NBA title in 3 season. This year, however, the Warriors find themselves not trying to sign the top free agent, but to retain the top free agents.

    The 2017 world champions have a plethora of high value high target free agents, including the a fore mentioned Durant, as well as two time MVP Steph Curry and 2015 NBA finals MVP Andre Iguodala.

    Durant has a player option for just over 27 million next year, and is likely to keep that option. Curry, who made a paltry 12.1 million last year looks to be in for a huge payday, and will get it from the Warriors. The Warriors will give him the special expect and likely make him the highest paid player in the NBA. Andre Iguodala made 11.1 million last year, but will look for something higher than that this season. Expect him to get around 20 million a year.

    Curry and Durant are almost a given to re-sign, but that is were it stops being easy for the Warriors.

    Complete Article
    Gobert Becomes First D-League Player to Make All-NBA Team

    When the NBA announced the 2016-17 All-NBA team there was a little D-league history that was made as well. Beyond the fanfare of NBA superstars Lebron James, James Harden, and Steph Curry stood Jazz bigman Rudy Gobert, who made his first All-NBA team when he was named on the All-NBA second team. Gobert quietly became the first player to play in the D-league and then make an All-NBA team.

    Gobert's stints with the Bakersfiled Jam in 2013 and 2014 raised few eyebrows when they happened, and have pretty much been forgotten. The rookie center played just 8 games with the Jam

    Complete Article
    The Collapse of the PBLA and the end of multi-league basketball in America

    Following World War II many Americans were looking for some sort of entertainment outlet, and sports quickly became one of the most popular outlets. Basketball was still in its infancy but would soon see epic growth as war weary Americans needed more and more entertainment outlets.

    In 1946 there were three major American basketball leagues in the US. The oldest, the ABL had been around in some from since the 1920s but had spotty attendance and fans and players alike had a hard time figuring out what teams were actually in the league. The newest of the leagues was the BAA, which had just formed an 11 team league on the eastern seaboard with a couple of teams as far west as Chicago and Detroit. The most successful of the leagues was the NBL, which was entering its 11th season and had the best players in the world.

    The NBL and ABL had little direct competition as the ABL stuck around mostly New York City, Philadelphia and Washington and the NBL was primarily focused in Ohio, Indiana and the Great Lakes regions. The inclusion of a third league which directly competed with both leagues worried both leagues ownerships and started to bring about instability to both leagues.

    Complete Article

    The Bad Attitude Choke Artists of Chicago

    The 1970s were a difficult time for the NBA and for America in general. The Bill Russell lead Celtics dynasty which had dominated the 1960s had come and gone. Wilt Chamberlain was a shell of the man who once scored 100 points in a game. Cocaine and drug abuse was a serious problem in the league. The Summer of Love had descended into Helter Skelter. The US had ended its involvement in Vietnam The people did not trust their own government because of the Watergate scandal. Than there was the circus sideshow known as the Chicago Bulls.

    Even with the difficulties of the era the Bulls had seen some success on the court. The team made the playoffs eight times in their first decade and had even made a few serious deep playoff runs. But the Bulls still struggled to bring in the big bucks, despite playing in the third largest market in the US. Fans in Chicago would rather watch the Bears in the fall and winter and the Cubs and Whitesox in the spring. This forced the Bulls to get creative with their ways to get fans in the seats.

    Pat Williams is widely considered to be one of the best general managers the NBA has ever seen, he has rebuilt team after team after team, but in the early 1970s he was just starting out in the NBA and had the unfortunate task of saving the Chicago Bulls.

    Complete Article

    Top 3 Biggest NBA Records

    Over the years of its functioning, NBA has undergone major changes, and nowadays even the most outstanding basketball teams and players are not able to break all set records and achievements. In this post, we offer you a list of top 3 biggest records of the Basketball Association, which certainly will not be overcome ever.

    Wilt Chamberlain – 100 Points in One Game

    In the season 1961/62, the author of 72 different NBA records twice raised performance standards for future generations. 78 points scored by Wilt in December 1961 have been beaten in just a few months. The day of the 2nd of March, 1962 forever entered the history of basketball with the high-performance duel between New York and Philadelphia where the leader of the later has scored 100 points. Basketball fans and those who know about this remarkable day in the history of NBA.

    Complete Article

    History of early professional basketball in Indiana

    Before the Indiana Pacers joined the ABA and eventually the NBA, the state of Indiana was the hot bed of professional basketball. From 1935 until 1953 the state hosted no less than 11 different teams in the major professional basketball leagues. Unfortunately, almost all of them would end and leave the state with no professional basketball teams for nearly two decades.

    Indiana is synonymy with the game of basketball. The University of Indiana is one of the most storied programs in all of college basketball winning 5 NCAA titles, but it was Purdue who would bring the state its first NCAA basketball title in 1932.

    Through out the early years of basketball a lot of fly by night leagues and teams called Indiana home, in fact Indiana even had its own semi-pro league of teams completely made up of teams in the Indianapolis region. It was not until 1935 when the Midwest Basketball Conference formed did the state of Indiana start seeing regular professional basketball at the highest levels and quality

    Complete Article

    NBA to expand to Seattle or Las Vegas or St Louis

    The NBA and the NBAPA will be meeting in very soon to work out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement or CBA, and all indications is that the previous talks have gone very well and there is a high likelihood that the league and the players will work something out to prevent another lockout.

    The issue at hand is the new TV contracts which just came into effect this season and caused the massively inflated contracts we seen handed out over the summer. The new TV deals also have a clause for expansion and increased money if the NBA does expand. This clause will likely lead to the NBA adding at least a couple more teams before 2025.

    Before the NBA expands it needs to thoroughly look at the problems it already has with teams and location and address them. For the most part the NBA is stable in that it does not have teams actively searching for new arenas and the league has few arena's older than 30 years old.

    Complete Article

    Wat Misaka broke the color barrier years before Jackie Robinson

    he was the first non-Caucasian to ever play in the NBA, or as it was known at that time the BAA or Basketball Association of America. Watura Misaka, the second generation son of Japanese immigrants, grew up on Ogden's 25th street in the back of a barber shop and would often find him and his family the victim of rampant racial discrimination. Yet despite this Misaka was able to find a love of basketball and was allowed on the Ogden High Schools basketball team, where in 1940 he lead them to the state title.

    In 1942 he began attending college at Weber College, which is now Weber State University. This was a dangerous time to be Japanese-American as president Roosevelt had recently signed Executive Order 9066 which required that Japanese-American's in the western United State be placed into interment camps. It remains one of the darkest chapters in American history and one of, if not the most, egregious violation of Human and Civil Rights in the 20th century.

    Misaka was allowed to get an exemption to continue his studies at Weber and play basketball. He only played two seasons at Weber College but would lead the Wildcats to the Junior College championship both season.

    Complete Article
    The Merger that formed the NBA: How and why it happened

    When the Basketball Association of America (BAA) merged with the National Basketball League (NBL) in 1949 it was the culmination of two great basketball leagues that would give us one final and polished product; the National Basketball Association (NBA). A league, that in 1949, looked much different that the product we see today. Today we have 30 teams nestled in mega arenas in 28 cities across the United States and Canada and income in the Billions of dollars.

    The 17 team league would be a mixture of big east coast cities, small Midwest farming communities, and one lone enclave in the Rocky Mountains. From the start problems started to arise with the disparity between the former NBL teams and the BAA teams. One of the biggest was income disparity as the BAA teams had a lot more money than did the NBL teams, the one thing that the NBL teams did have an advantage over the BAA is that the NBL tended to have the bigger stars.

    One of the major factors in the merging of the two leagues was that the BAA, after three years of existence, was finally able to start not only plucking the top stars away from the NBL but also the NBL's top teams as well. Two seasons after its existence in 1947, the BAA was able to lure the Minneapolis Lakers away from the NBL along with the Rochester Royals, Fort Wayne Pistons and Indianapolis Jets.

    Adding the Lakers to the BAA gave them the games biggest star in George Mikan

    Complete Article

    Bruce Jenner's brief NBA career

    The 1970s were a interesting decade for America and for sports in particular. The decade saw the US withdraw from Vietnam and seen the presidency mired in the biggest scandal in American history; Watergate. It saw the Superbowl rise to dominance lead by the dominant teams of the era, the Steelers and Cowboys and it seen the Miami Dolphins deliver the only perfect season. In the basketball world it seen the NBA go head-to-head with the dazzling ABA only to see the larger NBA eat the ABA and take four of its teams.

    It was also an era in the NBA when the annual NBA draft was like that annoying song from the children's show Lambchop; it would go on and on and on..... But looking at the seemingly endless list of picks and one can find some funny and interesting picks. The Chicago Bulls would draft runner Carl Lewis in 1984, the same year they drafted a guy named Michael Jordan. The New Orleans Jazz drafted a woman named Lusia Harris. The Boston Celtics drafted a water boy and the Lakers tried drafting both Scooby Doo and a chair but both picks were rejected by the league. But one of the most interesting publicity stunt picks, mostly because he may have actually been able to play in the NBA, was the Kansas City Kings 7th round pick Bruce Jenner.

    Complete Article

    The NBA Ghost Team: Utah Rockies

    One of the great anomalies and interesting facts of the NBA revolves around a team that is not even in the NBA, but yet receives a portion of the NBA revenue. It is the rumored ghost franchise of the NBA, also known as the Utah Rockies or Spirits of Saint Louis.

    Even some of the most die hard fans have never heard of this franchise and that is because they have never played a game in the NBA. Ever. The Spirits are a semblance of the NBA's old rival, the American Basketball Association. But unlike teams like the San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers and New York Nets; the Rockies/Spirits never joined the NBA, nor did they disband like the Virginia Squires, Kentucky Colonels or San Diego Conquistadors. Instead they got one the good side of one of the best business deals of the 20th century, and deal that is still making its benefactors a fortune today.

    Complete Article

    Top 10 NBL Players of All-Time

    In 1949 the Basketball Association of American(BAA) and the National Basketball League(NBL) merged to form the National Basketball Association; this is a fact that most NBA fans know. Many NBA fans also know about the brief three year history of the BAA, but what about the NBL? Not many fans know about the 12 year history of the smaller market NBL or its players. Who were these players?

    In fact, little can be found about them. This list is a collection of information about the 10 best players who played in the NBL. Emphasis is giving to NBL careers, which is why some players rank higher on this list then on other lists composing mostly of NBA players.

    Complete Article
    Forrest "Phog" Allen: The Father of Basketball coaching

    Most people know the origins of basketball; how in the winter of 1891 James Naismith invented the game to keep students active in the winter. But what most people do not know is how coaching the game of basketball got started. In the early days of basketball most teams did not have a coach as there was very little strategy to the game - most players relied on their athletic prowess rather than their brains to score. Even the games inventor, James Naismith, did not believe that basketball needed coaching. In his word you "Just play the game". But as the game got more popular players started figuring out how to manipulate the outcome of the game by doing things to prevent the other team from scoring; such as zone defenses.

    There were many early attempts at coaching in basketball, even the games inventor was coaching, but the most impactful early coaching advocate was Forrest "Phog" Allen. Allen was a multi-sport star athlete - who was mentored by Naismith at the University of Kansas. After graduating from Kansas, Allen took a few years off of basketball to become a doctor

    Complete Article

    Top 10 Point Guards Of All-time

    The point guard position is one of the most important ones in the NBA, maybe the most important one. And that has always been the story in the NBA. The point guard is the one who has the responsibility to set up the team on offense. He is the one who advances the ball past the half court, trying to figure out the best way the team can score easy baskets. He is the one who has to find out which the strengths of his teammates are and at the same time which the weaknesses of the opposing defense are so that he chooses to play the right play. Of course, at the same time, he has to contribute by scoring baskets and on the other and of the floor, he is the first line of his team’s defense. In a way, he is the on-court coach or at least, that’s how things are supposed to be.

    Of course, nowadays, we’re seeing players other than point guards playing the spot. Shooting guards, small forwards and even power forwards sometimes play the role of the playmaker, with LeBron James and Kevin Durant being just two of the many examples. But things were not always that way. We’ve seen a bunch of great point guards passing from the courts of the NBA through the history of the league. Let’s examine the top 10 of them.

    Complete Rankings

    Top 10 PF in NBA history

    The best Power Forward of all time… there are many great candidates from many different eras and they way to judge would be so hard, you could go on individual success (stats awards etc.) players like Karl Malone and or you could do it on winning and success of the team they were in, then the top of that list become McHale, Tim Duncan and Dennis Rodman all of whom have been very successful, however I have made my list of the top few PFs on a mixture of both success in stats and success in play offs and regular season. The other problem is distinguishing a PF from the C because of the lack of height many of the larger forwards ended up playing center.

    NO.10 Dirk Nowitzki,
    Dirk is one of the better shooters of all time, his name is often compared to greats like Larry Bird and Kevin McHale. Dirk over his career he has averages of 22.4 points a game, along with 8.6 rebounds and 2.7 assists a game defensively he averages just less than a steal and one block a game. Dirk shots efficiently with 47 percent from the field and 38% from beyond the arch he is also a very successful line shooter, at 87% from the line (he has his routine in which he hums whilst taking his shot) Dirk has won an MVP, and in the same season(06-07) his Dallas mavericks won 67 games, He has been selected to seven All Star teams, and he has been selected to eight All-NBA teams, with three of them as a first-team member. He is also the first and only player from Europe to win an MVP. His style is more of finesse than brute and strength you seem him do some really good mid range jumpers do open up his inside game, as many bigger men struggle with guarding a player with his permitter abilities.

    NO.9 Dave Debusschere
    Dave was one of the first super Power forwards nicknames “D” and “BIG D” which stood for defence, he was an amazing player with unreal hustle and determination definitely in his times top handful of defenders. In 1996 he was recognised at being in the top 50 players of all time and is unlucky not to be higher on this list. Everyone who ever came up against would leave bruised, he is one of the most physical players of all time. He was never afraid of trading elbows and really fighting for a rebound or lose ball. He was also known for his Amazing Defensive skills, which helped earn his nicknames, he made the All Defensive 1st team 6 times. In his career he averaged a solid 16.1 points and 11 rebounds a game as well as getting 3 assists and shooting 43.2% from the field. A player like him in more recent times was Dennis Rodman, however Dennis didn’t have nearly the same offensive game as Dave. His style of play almost the opposite of Dirk’s as Dave would power it home more often.

    Complete Article
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    Maurice Podoloff......... 1946–63 President 
    Walter Kennedy........... 1963–67 President 
    Walter Kennedy........... 1967-75 Commissioner 
    Larry O'Brien............ 1975–84 Commissioner 
    David Stern.............. 1984–14 Commissioner
    Adam Silver.............. 2014-   Commissioner

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